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Midterm Mania: Tips on Surviving Midterm Week

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Dottie here! I cannot believe it’s already the middle of the semester. It seems like this semester has just flown right by (no bird puns intended). And although the middle of the semester happens to be the most fun with holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, every Hokie knows exactly how stressful it is at the same time. Exam after exam, paper after paper, assignment after assignment; let’s be honest, fellow Hokies: midterm week is brutal. However, I like to try and stay positive; it makes midterms a little bit more manageable. So, to help you guys out, I’ve put together a list for surviving midterm week.


  • Time Management

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again, “Make sure you manage your time wisely.” But it’s true, folks. The more time you allot to studying, the better chances you have of genuinely learning something. Fun fact: it’s been proven that cramming actually forces knowledge out of long term memory, and only stores new information in short term memory. So, the more you cram, the less you’re likely to remember things later on. If you have an exam, try to give yourself at least three study days. That way, you can reread old material, rewrite or go over notes, and create a study guide to go by.

  • Flash Cards

One of my favorite ways to study is by using flash cards. Not only do you have to rewrite the information on an index card, but you get to read it and answer it aloud as well. This tactic hits almost every single learning style. You rewrite the information, read the question, answer the question out loud, and then read the answer. Flash cards are a great way to learn, especially if you have a key-terms section on your exam.

  • Treat Yo’self

One way to make yourself sit down is study is by creating a rewards system. For instance, if you get through three pages of notes, reward yourself with your favorite candy or a few minutes of your favorite show. Repeat this process until you’ve studied for an hour or two, or have gotten through a chapter. Once you’ve gotten to the end of the chapter, give yourself a big reward. When I get finished studying, I treat myself with the Hokie Pokie!

  • Listen to Music

Some people have a hard time focusing when they try to study and listen, so it’s okay if this tip is not for you. However, listening to classical music has been proven to help a person remember facts. Every time I write flashcards, I listen to soft classical music. Then, when I go to study these flashcards, I put the same classical music back on. This helps stimulate my memory, and helps me learn a little better.

  • Make time for You

One thing college students tend to forget is that it is okay to make time for yourself. It’s not good for somebody’s mental health to sit in a room all day studying. Go out and do something fun! Take a break and go bounce away at the new trampoline park in Christiansburg. Take your frustrations out on bowling pins. Go see a movie. Drown your midterm sorrows in ice cream. Try to spot my friend the Hokie Bird on campus. There’s tons of fun stuff to do to take your mind off studying for a while.


Overall, Hokies, midterms are survivable. Just take a deep breath and plan your time well. Think of it as the storm before the calm. As soon as midterms are over, you get to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. Just make sure to avoid the turkey, friends! Get plenty of rest, plenty of study time, and plenty of you time as well. I know it seems impossible, but you can do it. I believe in all my fellow Hokies. Good luck, flock!





Three Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations

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Hi Ya'll, it's Dottie! Aside from Virginia Tech football season, my second favorite part of the year is creeping up.... Halloween!  With the leaves finally turning the most beautiful colors (maroon and orange of course), the crisp air creeping its way into the atmosphere, and pumpkins finally peeping out of every field, Halloween inspiration can be found everywhere. And honestly, what better way to get in the spooky spirit than by decorating for Halloween?

While decorations can undoubtedly be expensive, there are always cheats and shortcuts around high prices. With the popularity and admiration surrounding Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, there are hundreds of Pinterest ideas for some super spooky, Hokie-fied Halloween decorations. With these decorations, you’re one step closer to being the world’s most haunting Hokie.

1.) Eye-zaleas 

This simple Halloween decoration can be created by all— even for you artistically challenged folks.

What you’ll need:

           Plastic Eyeballs

           Hot Glue

           Bouquet of Fake Flowers


Budget: $10.00

First, you’ll need to purchase all your supplies for this craft. A twelve count of plastic eyeballs can be purchased on Amazon for about $5.00. With that said, I’m sure a local Walmart carries plastic eyeballs in the Halloween section. Second, a bouquet of fake flowers can be found for free around the house, or be purchased at your local Dollar Tree for. If you have a glue gun, no purchase is necessary; however, cheap glue guns are just fine.

To create these monstrous bouquets, take one of your fake flowers and dab the center of the flower with hot glue. Place the eyeball on the hot glue and hold it there for a few seconds until it has time to dry. Repeat these steps for the remainder of the flowers. Finally, place your frightening flowers in an equally spooky vase, and BOO! Terrifying.


To Hokify this simply decoration, try using maroon and orange flowers.


2.) Milk Jug Monsters

Milk Jug Monsters are a great craft for kids, but they’re also a great way to use free materials to spookify your home. With this simple craft, parents can bond with their children, college roommates can share a laugh, and newlyweds can decorate their new homes for free.

What You’ll Need:

            Empty milk jugs

            A Black Marker OR Black Construction Paper

            Battery powered tea candles

Budget: Free - $5.00

This craft is as simple as the first. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can cut face designs out of black construction paper and glue them onto the empty jugs. However, most people just draw various faces on each empty jug. You can draw scary ghost faces, goofy ghost faces, or happy ghost faces: it just depends on personal style. Then, cut a hole big enough for a tea candle to be placed in the jug. Turn on the tea candle and you’ll scream in terror.


To Hokify this craft try drawing Hokie feet on one of your jugs.


3.) Egg Carton Bats

This craft is a little more advanced, but the steps are fairly simple. You can hang these little critters from the ceiling, from doors, or from light fixtures.

What You’ll Need:

            Empty Egg Carton


            Black paint (Acrylic or Spray Paint)

            Ribbon of choice

            Googly Eyes

            Hot Glue

Budget: $10.00-15.00

The good news is that Amazon has all of the items you need for this craft AND they will deliver them to your door. You can get a 500 pack of Googly eyes for $5.00 from Amazon. You can also get black paint from Amazon for about $5.00 as well. Although it would be easier to spray paint these creatures, I recommend acrylic paint because it typically runs cheaper and lasts longer. Ribbon ranges from $1.00 to $5.00, so depending on your budget, the price will vary

First, take your egg carton and paint it black. Let your carton dry and grab your scissors. Cut a piece of three-egged length of carton: two of these are the wings and the middle one is the head. On the two end pieces, cut a triangular shaped pattern across the bottom to create the shape of wings. Afterwards, make two small holes to run your ribbon through it the top of your bat’s head. Run one end of your ribbon through the top of the first hole, and then run the ribbon through the bottom of the second hole. After you complete this task, you should have two ends of ribbon that can be tied like a shoelace. Afterwards, glue on your eyes, and choose a place to hang your creation. Viola! You now have flying bats. 

 To Hokify this craft, paint them maroon and orange instead.

There you have it: three cheap and easy ways to liven up your living space. To make your place even creepier, try adding caution tape, spider webs, and red candles. You can purchase each of these items for about a dollar each. Also, don’t forget your Jack-o-lantern’s! You can’t have Halloween without a carved pumpkin! Impress your friends by carving the VT logo on your pumpkin. Most importantly, have a spooktacular time!

A Second Chance: Virginia Tech vs. Clemson

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     Last year, the Hokies made it to the ACC championship to take on the Clemson Tigers. The game was certainly a nail biter, and the Hokies only trailed the Tigers by a single touchdown. While most believed the Hokies would suffer a devastating loss, the final score was a surprising 42-35. Fans were shocked by the outcome. While the loss hurt overall Hokie pride, Virginia Tech’s determination to win was extremely impressive. Their persistence and perseverance made every Hokie proud.

     This year, the Hokies will prevail.

     On Saturday, September 30, the Clemson Tigers will place their paws on Hokie territory. With a maroon effect in place, the advantage will be ours as a sea of maroon will be roaring with pride. The Tigers will shake with fear as a maroon wave repeatedly crashes over the stands, Enter Sandman blasting in the background. The ground will shake. The echo of triumph will bounce off the metal bleachers, the spirit of the Hokie will be heard in every corner. A mass of orange colored faces will be chanting wholeheartedly, victory on every heart and mind. Hands will fly in the air alongside the most beautifully constructed paper airplanes. Horses will run on treadmills, fans will dance to jukebox tunes.  Cheerleaders will lead the crowd while twirlers toss their batons in the air. Trumpets and drums will stir the crowd further. Cadets will do pushups, alumni will reminisce. Students will produce a boisterous H-O-K-I-E-S as Virginia Tech inches their way to the end zone.

     And then we’ll score.

     The Hokie bird will dance happily, the fans awed by this mascot of school spirit. Dottie will cheer as she watches from the stands; her family will cheer as they watch from home. Inch by inch and yard by yard, our second chance will sparkle before our eyes, fully reachable, fully tangible. The clock will tick down, time will pass. The Hokie Pokie will be played, turkey legs will be gnawed on. Sweat will drip from the team’s brows, determination will line their eyes. The thirst for competition is quenched as the final quarter makes its way around. Tigers tremble. Hokies hurrah. And suddenly, the Hokies are seconds away from tackling victory.

     And we win.

     Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Virginia Tech Hokies seize their second chance. We need your help. Lane needs your presence.

     We are Virginia Tech. We can, and we will, prevail.

Hokie Freshmen Essentials

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Hey Hokies,

With summer coming to a close, it time to embark on fall! Changing leaves, jumbo scarfs, cool weather and of course FOOTBALL! As we gear up for the start of fall, we also welcome something even more exciting; NEW HOKIES! I can remember my freshmen year like it was yesterday…With all the excitement of meeting new friends, being in a new place, and pursuing new dreams, it’s safe to say that your freshman Hokie might forget a few college essentials. So I’ve decided to compile a little checklist for you and your Hokie on #hokieessentials to make sure your Hokie has the best freshmen year possible!

  1. Box Fan- Dorm life is one of the best experiences! Even though most of the dorms don’t have AC.... Box fans are the perfect way for your Hokie to stay cool; they also fit perfectly in windows!


  1. Small Brita Water Filter- This Eco-friendly hack will save money on bottles of water and your Hokie will appreciate the crisp taste over water fountain water. (Plus it stores easily in a mini fridge)


  1. Clorox Wipes- Let’s face it, college can get messy sometimes. Keep these on hand for simple cleanups!


  1. Ziploc Bags- This simple item will come in handy more than you’d think; from organizing desk items, storing toiletry items and packing snacks for when you are on the go.


  1. Command Hooks- And lots of them. Everything from hanging calendars/wall decorations to hanging up lanyards with keys; these little guys will come in handy!


  1. Extra Phone Charger- With all the new friends you meet and places you’ll go, I recommend keeping extra chargers on deck in case they get accidentally taken or broken. It’s also not a bad idea to keep one in your book bag when you’re on campus.


  1. First Aid Kit- I remember my freshmen year and getting so many paper cuts! Make sure your Hokie has access to the basics to cure anything from head colds to minor cuts.


  1. Flip Flops- Community showers… just take my word for it and bring a pair a flip flops to wear in the shower.


And my biggest must have of all….


  1. A PLANNER- College can be a bit over whelming at times. Keeping track of assignments and exams and having everything written down will make your life 10X easier!

Well Hokies that’s all for now! Good luck class of 2021! You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing journeys of your life. Yes, college isn’t always easy, there will be highs and lows, trust me; but you’ll get through them! You’ll meet so many new people and do so many exciting things!

Are you new to town or haven’t been back for a while? Pick up a copy of our Blacksburg A to Z book to help you and your freshman Hokie get to know Blacksburg!


That's all for now....

XOXO Dottie

Dottie's Top 3 Tasty Tailgate Recipes

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Hiya Folks, it’s Dottie bringing you another blog post! This week I’m getting to talk about my two favorite things… FOOTBALL and FOOD! Hope you enjoy!

With football season coming up, I’m sure we’re all counting down the days. I can already smell the burgers on the grill at tailgates and hear the distant sounds of Enter Sandman.  With Hokie football fast approaching, it’s time to start perfecting your festive Hokie tailgate menu!

Not trying to brag or anything, but over the years I’ve been to my fair share of tailgates. Some may even say I’m a PROFESSIONAL tailgater! So today, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite tailgate treats that are not only simple and affordable but TASTY! Without further ado, here’s my top 3 Hokie bird approved tailgate treats that will be sure to spice up your festivities this football season!

First on my list is…

~ 3 Ingredient Meatballs~

Meatballs are a classic tailgate treat. They are perfect for sharing *or if you’re like me you can eat an entire plate to yourself! * This recipe is perfect for game day and is super simple to make all you need is:

  1. Frozen Meat balls (Pre-cooked).
  2. A jar of Grape Jelly.
  3. BBQ Sauce of your choice.

And that’s it! Crazy right?!

Just mix your ingredients into a slow cooker and cook on high for 3 hours then your perfect bite sized snacks are ready to eat!

Next on the list,

~ Hokie Themed Cake Pops~

There’s nothing a Hokie bird loves more than consuming bite sized pieces of maroon and orange cake on a stick. *I’m drooling just thinking about it! * These tasty treats are a tailgate essential and can even double as decorative piece as well! Kinda’ like you’re killing two… with one stone… well… you know how that expression goes.

Anyways, these are super fun plus easy to make! Just follow the recipe and decorate your cake pops with maroon and orange and you’re good to go!

My Last Hokie tailgate essential is something a little more savory to go with your sweet treats!

~Tater Tot Skewers~

This treat can be made in advance or at your tailgate! Just bring the pre-cooked tots to your tailgate, some skewers, and whatever topping you want (My favorite is bacon and cheese!).  Heat them over the grill! Your guests will love this fun and easy to eat dish!

Well Hokie Fans, I’ve got to go. All this talk about food is making me hungry! May your tailgates be filled with laughter, friends and of course tater tots!!



How to Host a Tasteful Virginia Tech Wedding

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It’s the time for cocktails and dress shoes. Something borrowed, something… maroon? With wedding season in full swing, you might start to daydream about how you’d like your own wedding to be. You didn’t go to college to get your M.R.S., but that’s what happened when you met your boo strolling across the Drillfield. Now you both are as obsessed with tailgates and turkey legs as you are each other. You couldn’t imagine your wedding being anything less exciting than a Lane Stadium football game. If you’re looking to represent your alma mater while walking down the aisle, look no further. Here are 4 tips you should know when hosting a Virginia Tech themed wedding.

  1. Set the tone. Invitations or save-the-date cards are a great way to introduce the theme of your Hokie wedding. You can set the tone of your wedding by making your invites look like a Virginia Tech football ticket. Whatever you do, make sure to incorporate plenty of maroon and orange in your!
  2. Make the colors pop. Maroon and orange go together like PB and Jelly. However, that doesn’t mean that there needs to be Burnt Orange on every decoration, or that you need to paint the venue Chicago Maroon. You can take an understated approach by pairing neutral colors like cream or beige with tasteful pops of color. You can use white and orange flowers for a beautiful bouquet combination. Your bridesmaids can dress in maroon dresses, and groomsmen can wear orange bowties. A little can go a long way when it comes to color.
  3. Decorate like a pro. There are various ways to incorporate Virginia Tech into your décor. You can make a simple yet elegant centerpiece out of maroon and orange flowers and glass jars. Another idea is to use small chalk board signs on top of each table that have names of a places on campus—think Lane, Burruss or Drillfield. You can even incorporate Hokie Birds statues or Hokie art into your décor. The Hokie Pokie Dot bird makes for an excellent decoration and a memorable keepsake for your wedding.
  4. Be creative. At the end of the day, your wedding is about you and your partner.  If you want your guests to sign a Virginia Tech Jersey instead of a guest book, go for it. If you want to play tailgate games such as cornhole at your reception, why not? Tailor your wedding to what you like and don’t be afraid to get creative.  Add enter sandman to your wedding playlist, invite the Hokie Bird to your wedding, have a lunch pail shaped groom’s cake. Whatever you do, make sure that you are having fun.

Hello World, I'm Dottie

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Hi there Hokie friends,

After making my debut as the voice of Gobble de Art, I have appreciated all the love and support. I can’t wait to take you on my many adventures in Blacksburg, and throughout the beautiful Hokie Nation. Before I begin sharing my adventures with you, I wanted to introduce myself a little better so you all can get to know me.

As you know, my name is Hokie Pokie Dot, Dottie for short. I’ve nested in the beautiful mountain town of Blacksburg Virginia my whole life—no complaints here! I love watching football, but I’m surprisingly good at tennis. I enjoy long walks on the Huckleberry, but I am the worst at flying—heights terrify me! You might as well consider me a linguist because I am fluent in two languages; English and Gobbler. I love celebrating, but Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday… for reasons I don’t want to talk about.

My family always comes first:  Momma Hokie Pokie Dot, Mr. Executive, Lieutenant Colonel Cadet, Sir Fore the Hokies, Hokie Stone (we call him Steve) and LPD bird. I have a ton of extended family too! My Momma lives at the Hyatt in Blacksburg, but my siblings and I don’t have homes yet. If you are interested in adopting us, you can find us at our nest, https://www.gobbledeart.org/collections/all?page=2.

Anyways, it’s nice to chat with you all. Bye for now, I can’t wait to see you on my next adventure! Get the latest updates by following me and my flock family on Instagram at gobble_de_art.


With love,



Dear Virginia Tech Class of 2022,

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Welcome to the best school on earth! Well I may be a tad bit biased, being that I am a Hokie Bird and all…. But I really do believe that this school is all around great. I’m sure as soon as you toured here you knew—from the friendly faces at every corner, to the comfy sport t-shirts seen on every student, to the delicious on-campus food. Yes there is a reason that we get ranked among the top campus food in the nation every year….. can you say Qdoba? Or lobster? Or Chicken Parm?! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Now hold on one second. Before you pack your bags filled with all the new Hokie attire that your family stocked you up on, or snap your last going away Insta pic in your #hometown, here are the things that you should know.

  1. Get a Planner. Trust me on this one. Planners can keep you sane, especially when you are trying to balance school, work, working out, volunteering, a social life and Netflix. To beat stress, and—let’s face it— procrastination, you need an agenda to tell you exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. Get one before you get to school to avoid feeling overwhelmed— you will thank yourself later.


  1. Make-an-Effort. College is a magical place where you go to school with 36,000 potential friends. Trust me, it’s a lot different than the high school cafeteria. However, unlike your high school class, in college no one knows you. You must make-an-effort to have friends. Meeting people in your hall is one easy way to make friends. if you leave your dorm door open while you are home, your dormmates are more likely to drop by and say hi.  Joining an organization or club is another way to make friends. Gobblerfest is a great way to find the best organization for you. This year, Gobblerfest is Friday August 31st.


  1. Adapt Your Wardrobe. Blacksburg is a beautiful small town nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains. That is the mantra that every tour guide and Hokie advocate has ever told you. This is true; however, what they don’t tell you is how crazy the weather is. Welcome to Blacksburg, we like to have all four seasons shoved into a seven-day week! Combat the unpredictable weather by arriving prepared—with layers! If the weather calls for sunny and 75, take my word for it, and bring a sweatshirt. If your phone says cloudy with a 0 percent chance of rain, bring the umbrella anyway.


  1. Get a Workout Routine.  It’s true, Virginia Tech is known for their great food. If you wanted to, you could eat Queso and chips every single day! Unfortunately, being an adult means being responsible, which means you probably—technically— shouldn’t do that. Enjoy the food in moderation, and get a workout routine. Working out helps reduce stress levels induced by group projects, increase endorphins to keep you happy and of course, stave off the freshman 15! Lucky for you, Virginia Tech is also ranked one of the fittest campuses in the nation. There are multiple ways that you can get fit: Take group classes at McComas, play intramural sports, hit the pavement and explore the Huckleberry, or pump some iron at the gym.


  1. Most Importantly… Call Your Parents. Because you will miss them. Everyone does. Even if you are having the time of your life at college, don’t forget about good ol’ Mom and Dad, or Grandma, or whoever you love. They’ve cradled you and loved you your whole life and it nearly broke their heart to see you go. However, they know that you are doing great things and they are proud of you. It doesn’t have to be every day, but at least every so often just let them know that you love them, and that yes, you are safe, and you are still eating your vegetables.

So now that you have the inside scoop, good luck with your future adventures Virginia Tech Class of 2022. As cliché as it sounds, you’re in for a beautiful, perfectly-imperfect ride.  Live it up, do well in school and enjoy some of the most amazing years of your life repping maroon and orange.


Gobble de Art

P.S. Find my friends at our Hokie Bird store, along with Hokie memorabilia and keepsakes! We make great presents…. Pstt Mom and Dad.

Artist Spotlight: Candace Monaghan

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We know the Hokie Birds as the whimsical statues seen around Blacksburg, but from an artist’s perspective, the statues mean much more— just ask Candace Monaghan, Gobble De Art artist. She’s known as the “Hokie Bird Painter,” back in her hometown of Buchanan, Virginia.  Candace Monaghan has a very special part in the Gobble De Art program.

Candace has been a member of the flock family since the early stages of the art project, back in 2006. She brings her eye for design and bubbly personality into play when creating the beloved Hokie Birds. Candace sat down with us to share what it is really like to have “5-Foot Hokie Bird Painter” listed on her resume.

“The process is very client-driven. I work with a client to sketch out a unique Hokie Bird design. We go back and forth to get the design just right. Then we go through the process of getting the design approved by licensing,” says Candace.

Creating a bird is intricate and time consuming. The completion of a single hand-crafted bird takes about 6 months or more. The birds must be sanded, wiped down with an alcohol solution, and primed before Candace can even begin the painting step.

“It takes me a minimum of 20 hours to paint the bird. The longest that I have ever worked to paint a bird is 70 hours,” says Candace, “The time varies from bird to bird.”

The best part about Candace’s job, is getting to see her designs brighten up the lives of others. She enjoys making designs with meaning.

“My favorite bird took 70 hours to paint. The bird had an American flag with Lane Stadium painted on the back of the tail. The Hokie Bird was commissioned by a father who dedicated the design to his son who was in the military.” Says Candace.

Hokie Bird painting isn’t the only thing she can do. Candace enjoys graphic design, photographing  nature and creating fine arts. She even has her own design business. You can see more of Candace’s work here:  http://candacemonaghandesign.com/

You can get your own hand painted Hokie Bird! We have a great selection 2-foot Hokie Birds, that are all painted by local artists, just like Candace. To see our wide selection of 2-foot Hokie Birds, click the link to our store: https://www.gobbledeart.org/collections/all?page=2. If you are interested in getting your own 5-Foot Hokie Bird commissioned, visit us at: https://www.gobbledeart.org/products/create-your-own.


The Founding of Hokie Town

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Did you ever stop to think about our very own history here in Blacksburg?  Blacksburg is a special place,  so for this week’s blog we’ve decided to look  at our own local history, and what we found may surprise you.

Our beloved Hokie town was founded on January 13th 1798. Prior to this, Blacksburg was merely an establishment settled between Christiansburg and Montgomery country discovered by English settlers in the mid 1600’s. The settlers were drawn to the land by plentiful trees that would be used for lumber, animal species such as deer and bear that could be used for meat, and hide used for clothing.  There was also fresh water easily accessible. 

However, this land came at a cost. Blacksburg was located near various Native American settlements. As a result numerous conflicts arose between settlers and the Indian tribes, the most famous being the Draper Meadows Massacre occurring in 1775.  On this day the settlement was attacked by a tribe of Shawnee Indians.  At least 5 settlers were killed and 5 more were taken hostage. One of the hostages was Mary Draper Ingles who lived in captivity for months before finally escaping and reuniting with family.

23 years after the massacre, William Black petitioned the state to establish the settlement into a town. Then in 1789 the 38-acre plot of land was deemed a town. The original Town of Blacksburg was only 16 square blocks built on land donated by Black. Our beloved town was named in honor of Black, creating what we now know as the Town of Blacksburg.  The years following were filled with excitement as more and more people moved into the newly developed town making it their new home.

The small town began to grow and new streets and buildings developed; some of which can still be seen today; the oldest being Solitude. Solitude was built more than 200 years ago by Colonel Robert Preston. Then, during the early 1800’s, one of the first churches was built on Main Street.  This building is also still in use, although it’s no longer used as a church. You may better know it as Cabo Fish Taco.

Years later in 1872, our favorite university was born. The Morril Act of 1862 provided the federal funds for the Virginia General Assembly to buy the facilities of the Preston and Olin Institute. At the time, the facilities housed a small Methodist school in Southwest Virginia. That same year, the assembly acquired 250 acres of the Solitude Farm for $21,250. With the newly acquired land and facilities, the commonwealth created  a public, land-grant military Institute named Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, later to be known as Virginia Tech.

There’s no doubt that Blacksburg is a town full of rich and exciting history Hopefully this post helps you to understand a little more about this maroon and orange town that we all love so dearly. Like and share this blog if you want to see more like this.

Hope that you enjoyed this History lesson, don’t forget to stop by our store! https://www.gobbledeart.org/collections/all