Friday Favorites: Dottie's Dining Hall Diet

As a Hokie bird, I’m on Virginia Tech’s campus quite a bit. I greet students on the Drillfield, I travel to sporting events to support other Hokies, I participate in all the campus events, and I certainly like to admire the Hokie Stone as I’m walking around. However, one of my favorite activities to do on campus is … EAT! Virginia Tech has amazing food. It always has and it always will. There’s a variety of different foods to try from different dining halls, and I love each and every one for different reasons. Today, I want to give you the details on a few of my personal favorites. If you’re up for some fun, or you’re feeling hungry, take the Dottie challenge and try all my favorite dishes one week. I call this challenge the Dottie Diet.

Monday: West End

West End happens to be one of my favorite places on campus. It has a wide variety of foods, and they’re all high quality. You want Italian food? West End has it. You want steak? West End has it. You want a vegetarian wrap? West End has that too. As a Hokie bird, I definitely don’t eat meat… I am a bird after all. So, my favorite dish at West End is a veggie burger from the Fighting Gobbler. I like my burger with cheese, tomato, onion, and lettuce. And don’t forget a half basket of fries! Those seasoned slices are pure heaven.

Tuesday: D2

I like to call Tuesdays, D2uesdays! The day after Monday is the day you need the most food. All that Monday stress wears and tears at your mind. Food is the perfect way to fill those tears. Luckily, D2 is a buffet that offers every food imaginable. And oh man, D2 throws an amazing Thanksgiving meal for all Tech students. However, my favorite meal from D2 is pretty simple: Egg drop soup with wonton strips. This meal is perfect for a cold day, especially during the winter time. It’s different from the usual soups like tomato and chicken (ew) noodle too. The wontons add a perfect salty flavor to it as well. Simple, but delicious.

Wednesday: ABP

I feel like Au Bon Pain is underappreciated; this little soup shop is just as amazing as West End. While it doesn’t have the variety that West End and Turner provides, it certainly has the quality. This dining hall is perfect for lunchtime. It’s enough food to fill you up, but not too much. My favorite meal here may sound a little weird to you guys, but it’s delicious I swear. I like a sandwich with only tomatoes and cucumbers on toasted white loaf. Yes, that’s all! Add that sandwich to a delicious cup of broccoli and cheese soup and you have the perfect lunchtime meal.

Thursday: Turner

Turner is most students favorite dining hall on campus. I’m inclined to agree that it is pretty great. Like most students, my favorite restaurant in Turner is Qdoba. I love that place. My favorite meal? A veggie bowl with the following items: brown rice, pintos, queso, two scoops of pico de gallo, shredded cheese, lettuce, tortilla strips, and sour cream. Put the lid on that bowl, shake it up real good, and you have the best meal on earth.

Friday: Hokie Grill

Friday is the best day of the week. Most students get to relax on Fridays, and it’s normal to want a quick and easy meal. Hokie Grill is perfect for a lazy Friday. Simply go in the doors, grab your food, and run out. My favorite meal is an assortment of sides from Blue Ridge Barbeque. I love those corn muffins! It’s just like eating cake.

Saturday: Owens

Owens has a great assortment of foods to choose from and an even better assortment of desserts. There’s an entire station dedicated to desserts alone. The beer-battered french fries from Owens are amazing and the smoothies are the perfect on-the-go breakfast. My favorite meal from Owens is a cheese quesadilla with salsa and sour cream. I love how you can easily make your own quesadilla. It’s simple and easy, but it makes up for the ease in flavor.

Sunday: Deets

Deets has a very Starbucksy vibe. It’s a cute little coffee shop with a peaceful atmosphere that’s perfect for catching up on homework or studying. On Sundays, peace is necessary. It’s calm before the Monday storm. Deets has the perfect café foods to munch on. At Deets, I can’t choose a favorite food. It’s all so good. I love every pastry and every cup of coffee. However, my favorite ice cream flavor is simple ol’ chocolate. It’s a classic and makes for the perfect milkshake.

There you have it! Dottie’s favorite foods from every dining hall. Don’t forget, if you’re feeling spiffy this week, try out all my favorite foods on campus. It can be fun, filling, and entertaining.  It’ll also be a great way to prepare your stomach for Thanksgiving.

Don’t go hungry, Hokies!

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