A Ho-Ho-Hokie Holiday

Blacksburg winters can be as fierce as a Hokie in Lane Stadium. But boy, oh boy, are they fun! Snow settles on the Drillfield, Cadets throw snowballs and snowmen decorate every corner of Virginia Tech; but the best part of a Blacksburg winter is the holiday season! Even when everything is cloaked in white, maroon and orange still conquers. Orange and maroon Christmas lights hang on every street, Hokie wreaths wave from every door, and Burruss  plays classic Christmas tunes when the clock strikes midnight on Dec 25. I know I’m excited for this Hokie holiday season, so to get everyone else in the spirit, I’ve compiled a list of how to make this Hokie Holiday the best one yet.



1.) Get yourself a warm and cozy Hokie Hoodie. You have to be cozy during the wintertime. That’s a given! So get yourself a maroon, orange, or maroon and orange hoodie to color up this Christmas. But, if you’re hot natured like Momma Dot is, you could always opt for a nice, soft Hokie tee. We even have one in our stores right now!

2.) Make yourself some Hokie ornaments. Bought ornaments are a thing of the past. These days, DIY is all the rage. So get crafty! Go purchase some orange ribbon, some sparkly paint, and some ornaments and get to work. Below are some Hokie ornaments I fell in love with. So Hokie! So merry! Forget green and red trees. Orange and maroon is where it’s at.

3.) Leave Santa Hokie feet. Circles are boring, but turkey tracks are terrific! Instead of leaving Santa boring ol’ circles, leave him some sugar cookies in the shape of a Hokie bird. Or even better! A Hokie foot! He’ll love it, and he’ll certainly start rooting for the right team!

4.) Hang Hokie Stockings from your fire place. They make them in all shapes and sizes. They come bedazzled, embroidered, monogrammed, you name it! But my favorite is these maroon and orange classic stockings. Momma Dot and I hang them every year.

5.) LIGHTS. EVERYWHERE. The best thing about Christmas lights is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And if they don’t have the colors you want? Well guess what! You can buy some colored ping-pong balls and pop them over the lights. Christmas lights are also easily manipulated and moveable. You can create just about any shape. Personally, my favorite shape is the VT logo.

I could go on and on with this list fellow Hokies! The amount of exclamation marks in this list alone should tell you how excited I am for this Blacksburg holiday. Momma Dot and I have the nest adorned in so much Hokie décor. Every night, we read Hokie stories by the fire with cocoa, Hokie cookies and Hokie socks. Nothing gets quite better than a ho-ho-hokie holiday!

Happy holidays, Hokies.





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