Dottie's Meaning of Christmas

Hello, Hokies! In exactly thirteen days it’s going to be Christmas! I hope each of you are at least half as excited as I am; I have enough excitement to fill the entire town of Blacksburg. I know Christmas is an exceptional time of year, with bright trees, bustling streets, twinkling lights, and ribbon-adorned gifts. The scent of cocoa and coffee fills the air, peppermint sneaks into your nostrils. Christmas music hums through the night and shops offer the most wonderful of gifts. It’s a glorious time. But today, Hokies, I want to talk to you about something important; today, I want to tell you what Christmas is truly about.

The beauty of Christmas does not lie in half-price sales and overly expensive gifts. Christmas isn’t meant to be a stressful time filled with lists and checks and boxes. Christmas shouldn’t depend on large bonuses and extra holiday cash. It’s not about the biggest, brightest trees or the holliest, jolliest house. As the Grinch tells us, Christmas doesn’t come from a store. The spirit of Christmas comes from much more. Christmas is about love and laughter. Christmas is about memories and family time.

Christmas is about telling old stories around a fire with a cup of hot cocoa. Christmas is about eating horribly baked cookies and laughing at your failure. Christmas is about singing along to Rudolph with the Momma Dot in your life. Christmas is about snuggling up with your family to watch Home Alone or Frosty the Snowman. Christmas is about fuzzy socks and warm toes. Christmas is about rosy cheeks and frostbit noses, warmed by a loving home and family. Christmas is about dinner on the table, food in your belly, a warm bed to sleep in at night. Christmas is about a giving spirit and charity, doing things for others that you can’t do on a regular basis. Christmas is about happiness, love, and cheer. It’s about Hokies loving Hokies, and even Hokies loving Wahoos.

My dear Hokies, don’t get caught up in the holiday hustle this season. Don’t depend on money and presents and expensive items. Depend on each other. Love each other. Spend time with each other. Christmas is about spending time together by twinkling lights and under twinkling stars. In 13 days, when Christmas finally comes, remember what Dottie is telling you my friends. The spirit of Christmas lies in love.






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