Friday Favorites with Dottie: Dottie's Favorite Christmas Movie

Hi, Hokies! Finals have begun and I know you all are studying your little hearts out. Because I know how hard finals week can be, I wanted to make sure to tell you to take a break. Relax. Take a breath. The best way to be successful is to take care of yourself. So, Hokies, take a moment for yourself. Study for a while and give yourself a break. And since Christmas is just ten days away, I have the perfect break for you: a Christmas movie! Not only will movies give your eyes and brain a break, but they will get you in the holiday spirit as well. Forget your stress for a little while with this movie list I’ve created just for you. I know you’ll love them, they’re my favorites.


1.) The Grinch (with Jim Carrey)

This movie is by far one of my favorite Christmas movies. Not only does it focus on the true meaning behind Christmas, but it does so through comedy. Jim Carrey does a wonderful job making his audience happy and cheerful. I laugh so hard every time I watch this movie.

2.) Home Alone

Nothing is better than watching Kevin McAllister dominate a bunch of robbers with his boyish intellect. Just like The Grinch, this movie will make you laugh. I’m not sure how robberies get one in the holiday spirit, but this movie manages to do just that.

3.) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Oh, boy. This movie is a classic. It is also a comedy (noticing a trend?). Christmas vacation has a wonderful cast playing likeable characters. The stress of finals can be wiped away by this movie, trust me.

4.) A Charlie Brown Christmas

Momma Dot and I love this movie. The music in it is cheerful, the Christmas tree is meaningful, and everybody loves Charlie Brown. If you’re looking to take a quick break, I recommend this movie, as it is much shorter than the others. But don’t let that fool you. It is certainly equal in value.

5.) Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

If you don’t sing that title when you read it, are you really in the Christmas spirit? I doubt it. Rudolph is such a classic; the artistry is beautiful, the Claymation is enjoyable, and the meaning is beautiful. Rudolph celebrates diversity and individuality, making Christmas a positive, happy holiday. This movie is Momma Dot’s favorite.


That list should get you started, Hokies. Like I said, don’t forget to take some time and relax. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a headache! Spend your time wisely, study hard, and happy, happy, holiday Hokies.





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