A Letter to Virginia Tech Graduates

Dear Virginia Tech Graduates,

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Whether it’s been four years, two years or a lifetime, you’ve worked very hard to get here. Today is the day that you finally get that piece of paper that commemorates the hard work you’ve put in all of these years. Today means much more than a simple piece of paper though. Today is a day to celebrate the late nights spent studying, balancing work and school, learning things about yourself and about the world. There was a lot on the line, but you made it. It’s like the old doctor Seuss Book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” Well look where you are now.

However, the journey isn’t over. You are still going places. Now you are about to embark on yet another chapter of your life, a new challenge and experience. You may consider graduate school, work or travel. What lies in your future? The idea of the unknown may seem scary at first, but with your degree in one hand and your mind on straight you will find your path. No one can take your education away from you and that is the beauty of the matter.

If you take a path you don’t like, you can always turn around and try again. Try new things, new jobs and new experiences. Take risks. This is only the beginning of your life. As you embark on your new journey, be open to experiencing the world and remember; if you can take on a 20 page research paper or a 5 day long math problem, you can take on anything. Trust yourself, keep your family and friends close, and trust your roots. You will find your path, even if it isn’t linear. Life is a beautiful mess, go live it.

Now is the time to begin the rest of your life. Move your  tassels to the left Virginia Tech Class of 2019. Congratulations, you did it!


The Gobble de Art flock

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