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Friday Favorites: Favorite Hokie Valentines Day Cards

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What’s up, Hokies? Dottie here with your weekly Friday Favorites! It’s finally February guys. It felt like that January lasted an entire year. But we made it. And guess what? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Excited? I know I am. Valentine’s Day is such a looooovely holiday. Single? Don’t worry. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, you know. Valentine’s Day can be for anyone you love, whether it’s your family, your friends, or your co-workers. Today, I want to share some fun Hokie Valentine’s cards that you can send to any loved one!


This Valentine is one of my favorites because it’s a classic at Virginia Tech. This Valentine could apply to anyone, from your best friend to your significant other. It’s especially relevant if you met at Virginia Tech too! Here is the link to check it out:

I also looooove this Valentine! I love the fact that it includes one of the prettiest buildings on campus, and I love that it makes a pun. This Valentine is so adorable, there’s no way you’ll be valentine-less. Check out this Valentine made from our favorite university here.

Let’s face it. Lane is one of the best places on earth. We all know it’s one of my favorite places ever. This Valentine created by your favorite university is perfect if you’re a Hokie football fan!


All these Valentines Day cards have me in a sappy, gushy mood. That’s all for today, I hope you have a glorious Valentine’s Day spent with your absolute favorite Hokie.

Much love, Hokies.





Bird Spotlight: Mr. Stoney Hokiestone

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Hi friends, Dottie here! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time with the members of my flock. As I was spending time with Uncle Stoney, I realized that the whole world deserves to know my flock. I’ll be posting a bird spotlight to get you familiar with my family members. Without further ado, meet my flock member Mr. Stoney Hokiestone.

There’s nothing quite like tradition, right? Stoney is a traditional bird with an uncanny resemblance to Virginia Tech’s campus buildings. Aside from our great-great Grandpa Gobbler, Stoney represents all things Virginia Tech. Stoney has a visibly hard exterior, but his hard shell says nothing about the mushy ball of love he truly is on the inside. The reason we call him “Uncle Stoney” is because of his strength and toughness. Like an uncle, Stoney takes care of the flock, courageously protecting us from all aspects of life. He is the strongest bird of the flock in terms of emotions, mentality and physicality. Some could say he’s tougher than the stone that built us!

Despite Stoney’s hard exterior, people simply fall in love with his character and endless support. Everyone adores Stoney, just as Stoney adores and accepts everyone. He has a dry sense of humor that could make – well – even stone laugh. Stoney has a strangely inviting personality, and his feathers are certainly more unique than most birds. The atmosphere Stoney evokes is one of happiness, peace and strength. He’s not afraid to be himself, not afraid to embrace his traditional spirit, and not afraid to stand up for what he believes. He’s one special Hokie!

Want to meet Mr. Stoney Hokiestone yourself? Visit https://www.gobbledeart.org/products/hokiestone-bird and keep your eyes open. Stoney loves to wander around campus. He claims it provides him with inspiration and daily strength.

Friday Favorites with Dottie: Hokie Hiking

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Greetings, Hokies!

It’s a beautiful day for January. The sun is shining and I can feel spring in my feathers. Around here, Hokies get antsy in the cold weather; cabin fever is a real issue. So, even though it’s cold, it’s still a sunny day that shouldn’t be wasted. Momma Dot and I plan on going on a hike. But of course, I want to help a Hokie out before I go. If you’re feeling adventurous today, here’s a list of my favorite hiking places near or around the ‘Burg. Each destination is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Bald Knob

One of my go-to places to hike is Bald Knob at Mountain Lake. The hike there is enough to get you sweating, but it’s not a very long hike at all. Plus, there are two routes: the difficult one and the moderate one. The difficult route is much shorter, but let me tell you Hokies, it is quite the workout. It is straight up the mountain, but it does allow one to feel in tune with nature. The alternative route is much like the New River Trail. It’s longer, snakes its way up the mountain, and is a graveled and leveled path. Either route is great, but the view is even greater. At the top of Bald Knob, a hiker can see blankets of mountains rolling over top of each other. It’s amazing, especially at sunset. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the movie Dirty Dancing, the movie was filmed at this area. You can walk around the museum area at the parking lot to reminisce on this film. This hiking area is about 40 minutes away from campus.

Buffalo Mountain

Buffalo mountain is a beautiful little area and a nice place to hike. It’s a longer hike than Bald Knob, but less intense. It’s a great family hike, especially if you have little ones. The view from the hump of the mountain is gorgeous, especially in the fall. You can see for miles from the top of this mountain. This hiking area is again, about 40-50 minutes away from Blacksburg.

The Cascades

The Cascades is a great spot to go to during all seasons of the year. Hop on 460, drive 30 minutes down the road from Blacksburg, and you’re there! If it’s a hot day, you can act as if the destination is a well-deserved treat and take a nice dip under the falls. The Cascades is a beautiful waterfall that crashes over the side of a mountain. It’s a nice transition from hiking to the top of a mountain. This hike is only 4 miles round trip, but it is beautiful. This hike is even worth it in the wintertime; I’ve seen the frozen Cascades and they are just as beautiful as the fully-thawed, fully-crashing Cascades. You should certainly take the time to visit.

Sharp Top Mountain

Sharp Top Mountain is one of the hardest hikes I’ve ever been on. Me and Momma Dot thought we’d never get to the top. It’s straight up the mountain for multiple miles, so make sure you pack plenty of water and plan your time well. However, I’ve never, ever been on a hike so beautiful. When I reached the top of the mountain, I stood in awe. It was absolutely and unbelievably stunning. I’d hike the mountain 100 more times if it means I’d get to see that view again. I highly recommend it. This mountain is about an hour and a half away from campus. It’s closer to Liberty’s campus, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit. Try it out on a weekend when you aren’t too busy. I assure you, you will not regret it.

Grayson Highlands State Park

Grayson Highlands State Park (also known as Mount Rogers) is an amazing park with hundreds and hundreds of acres and hiking trails. If you’re looking for waterfalls, the Highlands have them. If you’re looking for wild ponies, the Highlands have those too. If you’re looking for amazing views from the peak of mountain-tops, you guessed it. The Highlands have multiple. You can also camp and backpack at the Highlands. It is literally one of my favorite places on earth. About two hours away from Blacksburg, the Highlands offer a wide variety of activities and trails for all walks of life.

If you’re itching to get out Hokies, here are some places I recommend. Exercise is good for your body, especially after winter hibernation. Take a break from your school work and get out for a little while. You won’t regret visiting any of these locations.





Gobble de Art is Looking for Artists

30 January, 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

We need help creating new Gobblers! The Gobble de Art project is growing, and we need more artists to help us create these whimsical statues. Currently we are looking for New River Valley based artists that are interested in participating in the Gobble de Art project. If you would like to add “Hokie Bird Painter” to your resume, this job is for you!

The Gobble de Art project is sponsored by The Blacksburg Partnership, a non-profit, independent economic development organization formed by the town, business and University communities. The purpose of the project is to increase awareness and interest in Blacksburg and bring attention to the visual arts. The funds raised from the project will go towards enhancements to Blacksburg that improve the quality of life and add to the current attractiveness as a tourism and retirement destination of Blacksburg and the surrounding communities.

Project Overview

Artists from the New River Valley are invited to participate in our Gobble de Art program. The program entails working on a commissioned Hokie Bird project, collaborating with the client to come up with a design, submitting the design to The Blacksburg Partnership for approval and then bringing the design to life through painting a fiberglass Hokie Bird. After painting, the Hokie Bird will be brought to a local auto body shop to be clear-coated. Birds will be displayed in private homes, businesses or public areas. The process (purchase to completion) takes roughly four months. The birds are five feet tall and weigh approximately 60 pounds.

Artist’s Fees and Responsibilities

The Blacksburg Partnership will pay an honorarium of $1,000 to artists selected, upon completion of the commissioned project.

Artists are responsible for the cost of all materials related to completing the design and will be given specific instructions regarding the fiberglass material, painting and finishing.  The manufacturer specifies the use of acrylic paint.  Artists will be expected to pick up and transport Hokie Birds to and from the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. 


To apply artists must submit:

  • Contact Information – name, address, email, phone number
  • Three examples of the artist’s portfolio in the format of a PDF or portfolio link
  • A short bio of the artist

Email your examples, bio and contact information to info@gobbledeart.org or contact Diane Akers, President of The Blacksburg Partnership, at 540-443-2008 if you would like more information on becoming a Hokie Bird artist.

We hope you will accept this invitation to participate in painting a Hokie Bird for the Gobble de Art program.

Dottie's New Years Resolutions

29 January, 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

Happy Monday, Hokies!

This weekend, I grew inspired by all the runners I saw prancing around campus. I knew that health must be on many of their New Year’s Resolutions, so I began to think about my own. Did I have any resolutions for the year? Of course, I did! I’m a Hokie, and we Hokies invent the future, including our own. So, I began writing down my resolutions for the year

Attend ALL Hokie football games.

I go to every single home game each year. I mean, I’m a Hokie bird! But sometimes, I don’t get to go to the away games. It just doesn’t work with my busy-bird schedule. This year, I vow to make it to ALL the Hokie games. The boys need all the spirit possible at every game. It really does make a difference!

Spend More Time with the Flock

This year has been all about me and my blog, so I haven’t really had much time to socialize with the members of my flock. Of course, I see Momma Dot regularly, but this year I want to keep in touch with all of my Hokie Bird family. Maybe I’ll even feature them on my blog!

Go on More Adventures

With the A-Z book as my guide, I plan to explore Blacksburg a little more. Even Hokie Birds aren’t experts on this glorious town. There’s always new places to visit and secret areas to explore. I want to know every inch of Blacksburg! Along the way, I’ll try to meet up with every single Big Bird around the town. I want to find them all and chat with them! You can help me with this little adventure by photographing yourself with the bird nearest you! Just tag me on Instagram, I’ll feature you on my profile, and then I can get in touch with old friends.

Be an Early Bird

You know what they say. The early bird catches the worm. Except I don’t like worms… But you get the point. If I wake up earlier each day, I’ll have much more time to do the things I’ve listed above. Plus, I should really stop waking up so late because I always miss breakfast…


That’s it so far Hokies. I’m still adding things to my list as I go, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you first. Let me know what you think!




Friday Favorites with Dottie - Iceland Style

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Halló Hokies! I’m back and I’m just in time for your weekly Friday favorites. Momma Dot and I have so many stories, or shall I say sagas, to tell you. Today, my blog flock, I want to tell you all about my favorite experiences in Iceland. While the entire trip was memorable, a few specific details stand out in my mind the most.

1.) Icelanders

One of my favorite aspects of Iceland was its people. Frankly (Hokie pun), the people in Iceland reminded me a lot of you, Hokies. Each Icelander was warm spirited, friendly, accepting and eager. Each wore the brightest of smiles and the happiest of moods. I felt like I was right in the heart of Blacksburg!

2.) Black Sand Beaches

As a Blacksburg native, a Blacksbird if you will, I don’t see the ocean or beaches very often. And while I’m extremely fond of my mountains, the black sand beaches in Iceland were absolutely stunning. My favorite beach was called “Diamond Beach.” At Diamond Beach, broken pieces of glacier scatter across the black sand, reflecting the sun’s rays all over the shore. It’s one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen. It’s still incomparable to our Blacksburg sunsets though.

3.) Mountains

This Hokie is extremely familiar with mountains, but I’ve never seen mountains quite like the ones in Iceland. These mountains are barren, as Iceland has almost no trees at all. Showing their rocky, ashen surfaces, the mountains look as if they came straight from a novel. They’re covered in snow, making the black ash underneath pop. It’s quite a sight.

4.) Waterfalls

Hokies, Iceland is filled with waterfalls. There’s at least three waterfalls in every Icelandic location. These waterfalls are caused by erosion and glacial melting. But let me tell you Hokies, they are stunning. The water is the most vibrant of blues and the snow sparkles on the water’s surface. It’s brilliant.

5.) Volcanoes

Iceland is basically one large mass of volcanic activity. It’s strange to thing that such an icy landscape can mix with fire and magma. In fact, that’s how Iceland was created: by build-up of lava and magma. Momma Dot and I hiked a few volcanoes and visited some others. We visited one of the most renowned volcanoes in Iceland. They call her “Hekla.” Volcanic eruptions occur quite frequently in Iceland. Icelanders treat it like a normal event, whereas Americans see it as a catastrophe. It’s rather intriguing.

Overall, I loved every second in Iceland. I certainly missed my Hokie home, though. Momma Dot and I need our flock and our fellow Hokies to be truly happy. Iceland was amazing, but there’s no place like Blacksburg. Go out and travel the world, Hokies. Visit other cultures and speak new languages. But remember, always, always come home.





Dottie Goes on Vacation

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Hi guys! Dottie here! I hope you had the holliest, jolliest Christmas ever. I know I did. Anyway, I have some very exciting news: I’m going on vacation. As one of my Christmas gifts, Momma Dot is taking me to Iceland. Yes, ICELAND! I’m so very excited. It’s gonna be reeeeeeal cold, but I’m sure my happiness will warm me right up. I’ll be on vacation for two weeks, so I wanted to let me favorite Hokie audience know that I won’t be posting as much during those two weeks. Don’t worry, when I get back, I’ll share tons of pictures with you guys!

So far, we have a lot planned. We’ll be circumnavigating the entire country. I’ve already bought a Hokie hat (of course) and a really warm jacket to take with me. I’ll be going to this really cool (pun intended) place called The Blue Lagoon. It’s an outdoor spring that’s naturally heated by the earth. I can’t believe I’m going to be swimming in a pool when it’s below freezing outside! I get to go on glacier hikes and waterfall hikes too! It’s mostly dark in Iceland during the winter time, so I’ll most certainly be able to see the Northern Lights while I’m there. I cannot wait to witness such an awesome natural phenomenon.

I’m so excited to visit black sand beaches, hike the beautiful mountains, and stand underneath the most beautiful of night skies. This Hokie is one happy bird. Momma Dot isn’t a big fan of the cold, but she knows I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland. Deep down, she’s excited too. Anyways, Hokies, I have a plane to catch and a country to visit. Bless bless (that’s bye-bye in Icelandic).


Stay warm, Hokies. I’ll see you soon.





Friday Favorites with Dottie: Dottie's Favorite Holiday Cocoa

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Ho, Ho, Hokies! Are you excited for Christmas? I’m practically shaking from excitement. But I could also be shaking from the cold. It’s freezing! Blacksburg winters are strong and dedicated, just like us Hokies. As I walked across drillfield today, I really wished I had more than feathers to keep me warm. Then I had the perfect idea: hot cocoa! It warms you from the inside out. So today, I want to share my favorite hot cocoa recipes to keep you warm this winter.

For those of you who love peanut butter, I have the perfect cocoa for you. Here’s what you’ll need:

            1 cup of milk

            ¼ cup half and half

            1 cup milk chocolate chips

            1 tbsp. creamy peanut butter

            ¼ cup of mini marshmallows.

This recipe is amazing. It’s just like a liquid Reese’s cup! And what’s better than that? Absolutely nothing of course. Just a little advice: bring your milk and cream to a simmer in a saucepan, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT let it boil. When the milk gets steamy, add your chocolate. Once your chocolate melts add your peanut butter. Mix it up, add it to a cup, and top it with delicious mash mellows. This cup of sweetness will warm you from head to toe and leave you craving for more.

For those of you who like to get in the holiday spirit, I recommend peppermint hot chocolate. It tastes just like Santa’s candy canes. You’ll need:

            3 (4 ½ inch) peppermint candy sticks

            1 cup of sugar

            ¾ cup instant nonfat dry milk

            ¾ cup powdered nondairy coffee creamer

            ½ cup unsweetened cocoa

            1 cup hot milk

This cocoa isn’t super chocolatey; so, if you aren’t a fan of rich and creamy goodness, peppermint cocoa is a nice mix with a festive spirit. First you should blend your peppermint into a powder and combine the powder with the rest of the ingredients. After you make your powder, you can store the rest of it! Simply take about 3 tablespoons of your powder, pour it into a cup of steaming hot milk, and you have your peppermint paradise. Delightful!

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the classic cocoa. Everyone loves a classic. I live by this recipe and so does Momma Dot. All you’ll need is:

            2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

            1-2 tbsp. sugar with a pinch of salt

            1 cup of milk (or half –and-half, cream, or your favorite substitute)

            ¼ tsp of vanilla extract

As a lover of all things classic, this recipe is by far my favorite. Whisk together your cocoa, sugar/salt, and a splash of milk in a saucepan until all of your powders are dissolved. Then, pour in the rest of your milks and whisk occasionally. Stir in your vanilla after it’s hot and pour it in your favorite Christmas mug. Top with marshmallows and you’ll have your perfect cup of cocoa. It’ll help you fight that fierce drillfield wind.

If you can’t tell, I love cocoa. But who doesn’t? It’s the perfect holiday drink; especially if you’re tired of boring old coffee. You can even leave Santa a cup in a few days.

Three days until Christmas, Hokies.


Stay warm.




A Letter to Virginia Tech Graduates

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Dear Virginia Tech Graduates,

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Whether it’s been four years, two years or a lifetime, you’ve worked very hard to get here. Today is the day that you finally get that piece of paper that commemorates the hard work you’ve put in all of these years. Today means much more than a simple piece of paper though. Today is a day to celebrate the late nights spent studying, balancing work and school, learning things about yourself and about the world. There was a lot on the line, but you made it. It’s like the old doctor Seuss Book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” Well look where you are now.

However, the journey isn’t over. You are still going places. Now you are about to embark on yet another chapter of your life, a new challenge and experience. You may consider graduate school, work or travel. What lies in your future? The idea of the unknown may seem scary at first, but with your degree in one hand and your mind on straight you will find your path. No one can take your education away from you and that is the beauty of the matter.

If you take a path you don’t like, you can always turn around and try again. Try new things, new jobs and new experiences. Take risks. This is only the beginning of your life. As you embark on your new journey, be open to experiencing the world and remember; if you can take on a 20 page research paper or a 5 day long math problem, you can take on anything. Trust yourself, keep your family and friends close, and trust your roots. You will find your path, even if it isn’t linear. Life is a beautiful mess, go live it.

Now is the time to begin the rest of your life. Move your  tassels to the left Virginia Tech Class of 2019. Congratulations, you did it!


The Gobble de Art flock

A Ho-Ho-Hokie Holiday

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Blacksburg winters can be as fierce as a Hokie in Lane Stadium. But boy, oh boy, are they fun! Snow settles on the Drillfield, Cadets throw snowballs and snowmen decorate every corner of Virginia Tech; but the best part of a Blacksburg winter is the holiday season! Even when everything is cloaked in white, maroon and orange still conquers. Orange and maroon Christmas lights hang on every street, Hokie wreaths wave from every door, and Burruss  plays classic Christmas tunes when the clock strikes midnight on Dec 25. I know I’m excited for this Hokie holiday season, so to get everyone else in the spirit, I’ve compiled a list of how to make this Hokie Holiday the best one yet.



1.) Get yourself a warm and cozy Hokie Hoodie. You have to be cozy during the wintertime. That’s a given! So get yourself a maroon, orange, or maroon and orange hoodie to color up this Christmas. But, if you’re hot natured like Momma Dot is, you could always opt for a nice, soft Hokie tee. We even have one in our stores right now!

2.) Make yourself some Hokie ornaments. Bought ornaments are a thing of the past. These days, DIY is all the rage. So get crafty! Go purchase some orange ribbon, some sparkly paint, and some ornaments and get to work. Below are some Hokie ornaments I fell in love with. So Hokie! So merry! Forget green and red trees. Orange and maroon is where it’s at.

3.) Leave Santa Hokie feet. Circles are boring, but turkey tracks are terrific! Instead of leaving Santa boring ol’ circles, leave him some sugar cookies in the shape of a Hokie bird. Or even better! A Hokie foot! He’ll love it, and he’ll certainly start rooting for the right team!

4.) Hang Hokie Stockings from your fire place. They make them in all shapes and sizes. They come bedazzled, embroidered, monogrammed, you name it! But my favorite is these maroon and orange classic stockings. Momma Dot and I hang them every year.

5.) LIGHTS. EVERYWHERE. The best thing about Christmas lights is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And if they don’t have the colors you want? Well guess what! You can buy some colored ping-pong balls and pop them over the lights. Christmas lights are also easily manipulated and moveable. You can create just about any shape. Personally, my favorite shape is the VT logo.

I could go on and on with this list fellow Hokies! The amount of exclamation marks in this list alone should tell you how excited I am for this Blacksburg holiday. Momma Dot and I have the nest adorned in so much Hokie décor. Every night, we read Hokie stories by the fire with cocoa, Hokie cookies and Hokie socks. Nothing gets quite better than a ho-ho-hokie holiday!

Happy holidays, Hokies.