New Year, New Bird

Hello my fellow Hokies, and welcome to 2019! I’m finally settling back in after the whirlwind of a holiday season. I was flying all around seeing all of my friends and family but it’s good to be back in the nest for the new year. I absolutely love the new year and how it brings such joy and excitement to everyone all around. I’ve been trying to pen my New Years’ resolutions, and I thought I would share some helpful tips for how to draft the perfect resolutions for you (that you’ll actually follow through with, hopefully)!


  1. Make a list!

I love a good list, especially when it encourages us to be better birds- err, humans. Try to write out all things you believe you did well in 2018, because we always need to be reminded of the positives in our lives. Then, move on to making a list of the things you think you need to improve on in the coming year. We all have things we’d like to get better at, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Finally, make a list of all of the things you haven’t done before but would like to start doing in this new year. Maybe it will be about finding exciting places to travel, or something as simple as being a better


  1. Write some resolutions!

Now comes the time to write them out as resolutions! Take your list of things you would like to improve on as well as your list of new ideas and prioritize them down to your top 3 things you’d like to accomplish in 2019. [Feel free to write more than 3, but remember that it’s best to focus on a select few if you really want to ensure you will follow through on these.] Once you have your top 3, you can write some official resolution statements!


  1. Post them somewhere you won’t forget about them

When it comes to New Years’ resolutions, the hardest thing for people tends to be following through, particularly past the month of January. But don’t give up on the gym so quickly, Hokies—so make your resolutions be seen so that you are reminded of them each and every day!


There are so many more ways to make your 2019 be your best year yet, so feel free to follow this or do your very own thing. Just know that this spotted bird is out here supporting you every step of the way! Good luck my friends, and make this a very happy new year indeed!





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