Practicing Ut Prosim this Holiday Season

Hello Hokies! ‘Tis me, Dottie!  With the holiday season quickly approaching I figured I’d give you an insight on one of my favorite holiday traditions: giving back to the community!  Here at Virginia Tech our very own university motto is Ut Prosim which is Latin for “That I May Serve.”  This motto and the Principles of Community stands as a foundation for the development of personal relationships, physical spaces, and intercultural experiences, which create strong communities such as ours here in Blacksburg.  These communities compel students to understand and develop a value system that will guide their decisions and enable them to offer themselves as responsible citizens even after they move on from Blacksburg.


I know you’re wondering, “Dottie! Where can I practice this amazing motto our university has?!” Well, my fellow Hokies, you’re in luck!  Here are my three favorite ways to give back to the community during holiday season. 


  1. Spend Some Time or Donate to the Interfaith Food Pantry

One of the best ways to give back this holiday season is to give some of your time or even spare food to the local food pantry!  Founded in 1987, the Interfaith Food Pantry has proudly served families of Blacksburg for years.  It’s run entirely by volunteers and all needs are met through cash and food donations.  You can volunteer your time at the food pantry or drop off food donations to families in need.  Information about their location and ways to get into contact with board members can be found here on their website!


  1. Hangout with Santa at the Community Christmas Store

Just a quick drive down to Roanoke will bring you to the Community Christmas Store which focuses on families with children and seniors who aren’t as fortunate as others.  The empty building transforms into a mini-department store each year, complete with Christmas decorations and a festive atmosphere.  Recipient families receive goods such as a new outfit, or toy for the child, while the child’s family receives a new household item.  The store is operated solely by volunteers so the more the merrier!  Grab some of your friends and drive to Roanoke to help give back to the community in a fun and festive way!


  1. Give Back to the Seniors at Warm Hearth

Some of us Hokies live away from home, so that means we don’t get to see our grandparents as much as we’d like.  What’s a better way to feel at home than to spend some time with the local seniors at Warm Hearth here in Blacksburg! With more than 40 years of experience caring for seniors, Warm Hearth Village is the New River Valley’s only comprehensive, nonprofit retirement community.  Located within the view of Virginia Tech with lots of recreational opportunities and events, it’s the perfect place to spend your free time on the weekends.  Besides, the holiday season is the perfect time to make relationships with memories that’ll last a lifetime!


There you have it Hokies! Pick one of these amazing opportunities or maybe do all three and enjoy yourself while giving back to the community this holiday season!

Until Next Time,


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