Dottie's Tips for Throwing an Awesome Football Game Viewing Party

Hello Hokies!

I have been jumping all afternoon in excitement for the Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech game!, I won’t be able to make it to the game this weekend, but no worries! I will still be watching the game live from my nest. In fact, I wanted to share with you some of my top tips for having the most spectacular viewing party ever!


  1. Make it a Facebook Event

The first thing you have to do when planning an at home viewing party is making sure your guest list is implemented properly! Don’t just call your friends and forget to leave a voicemail, no one will show up with that kind of behavior. Try creating a Facebook event page, this way everyone knows who is invited and they can also RSVP directly to you.


  1. Have a Great Menu

Once you have a general idea of all your friends that should be coming, it is time to start thinking of food! I am personally a pescatarian, but many of friends are not, so it is important to get food that suits them and myself. I like to have a veggie platter, a variety of wings with accompanying dips, chips of more than one brand and cookies that include gluten free options. The larger the variety, the less likely you’ll be to displease a friend. After you have your menu in order, I always like to post it to my Facebook event page to give my friends an idea of what I am having followed with comments advising them to bring any food options that they wouldn’t mind enjoying themselves. Trust me when I say people love a party that turns into a potluck. Happy plates are those with a hodgepodge of things you wouldn’t make at a sit-down dinner!


  1. Décor Matters

You may think that decor is only minuscule with everyone's attention on the players on the screen; but let me tell you, people will notice cocktail napkins from Easter being used at a football viewing party. Try to keep your throw away plates, napkins, cups and utensils to the color of your team—maroon and orange of course! Solid white table clothes make for a crisp clean look as a finishing touch. Also, with fall in the air, I like to throw a little foliage action on to my spreads to make things just a touch home-like. However, if you’re not feeling that notion, just keep it simple with fresh cut flowers to give the appearance of effort.


I hope some of these pointers will help you plan your most awesome football game viewing party yet! If you have any suggestions or ideas that I may have not mentioned, comment below!


Until next time Hokies!


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