How to Find Your Perfect Christmas Tree in the New River Valley

Happy Holidays Hokies!

‘Tis the season my dear Hokies to grab your friends, make some delicious cookies and snuggle around the fire while staring at your beautiful Christmas tree.  But wait!  You have the friends and the ingredients but you’re missing one thing…the Christmas tree!  A Christmas tree is one of my favorite house accessories for the holiday season, and we have the best places to find them right here in New River Valley.  So if you’re trying to have a chopped down kind of Christmas tree, here are the three best places to find your dream tree this holiday season!

  1. Spruce Up Your Home with a Tree From Spruce Ridge Farm

Nestled in Newport, Spruce Ridge Tree Farm offers a wide variety of different trees to make sure you find the perfect one for you and your home.  With over 25,000 trees, you’re bound to find the one for your home!  They also offer fresh wreaths which are made daily with a variety of different sizes available.  Mailbox and door swags are also available.  You can even bring your furry companion as long as they are on a leash! One of the coolest features of this farm is that you cut down your very own tree. But no worries, they provide handsaws for you to use if you can’t find yours lying around.  They also have staff around that are available to help if you aren’t comfortable cutting it down yourself.  For more information on how to get there and when they are open check out their website!

  1. Cut Your Own Tree at Joe’s Trees

Experience the tradition of cutting down your family Christmas tree at Joe’s Trees.  Joe’s Trees are hand-sheared, fertilized, and maintained which means you’ll find the perfect tree to light up your home this holiday season! Joe’s Trees has different types of trees including: white pine, Fraser fir, Canaan fir, and Concolor fir and even a few Blue Spruce trees!  Trees also range in size from 6’-15’.  They are only open during the weekends so be sure to grab a group of friends and head on over to Joe’s in Newport.  They also have wreaths available and coupons are on their website for $3 off a tree!  Be sure to check them out here for directions and coupons:

  1. Pick a Sweet Tree at Sweet Providence Farm

Located in Floyd, Sweet Providence Farm is sure to provide you with a sweet tree for your home this holiday season.  All the trees that are sold are produced by the owners which have taken care of the farm since 1999.  Be sure to look for their signature beautiful Fraser Fir with their spicy fragrance and strong limbs that are perfect for those heavy ornaments your mom loves so much!  Sweet Providence is one of the best places to get your tree this holiday season, especially if you want one to smell up your whole house!  Check out their website for directions and times they are open.


With all this talk of holiday trees, I am certainly ready to whip out the Christmas ornaments and decorate the house.  What are your favorite holiday traditions? Comment below!


Until next time Hokie Friends!


Xo Dottie

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