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Friday Favorites: Easter Egg Hunt

06 April, 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

Hi Hokies, I’m back. Wow, it’s been one long month of March! I’ve been so busy with our Easter Egg hunt that I haven’t been able to write much, but that’s okay! I’m here now. Let me just say that the Easter Egg Hunt was such an amazing experience! I loved meeting all of the Hokies who participated. I greeted so many new faces; it made me happy! Since the hunt is over, your favorite Friday bird is back. That’s right, Friday Favorites with Dottie returns! Today we’re discussing my favorite part of the Easter Egg Hunt!

To begin with, I adored meeting new people every week and smiling faces! Something else I absolutely loved was hiding the eggs. That right, I did it – I hid them all. Dottie was behind everything. I loved coming up with creative little hints to send you to my distant flock members. It was so much fun. I also loved hiding the sparkly eggs. Everyone loves sparkles. Something else I enjoyed about the hunt was catching up with my distant flock members. It’s been so long since I had seen some of them. It was nice of them to hold the eggs for me, and it was really nice spending time chatting and catching up.

However, my favorite thing about the entire egg hunt was the community involvement. We all know I adore Blacksburg but seeing the businesses and Hokies join together to create a successful activity really made my heart swell with Blacksburg love and Hokie pride. It was a beautiful sight. The business that participated were amazing. They gave away such brilliant prizes – I was jealous!

A large and lovely thank you to Benny Marzano’s, Blacksburg Fork & Cork, Bollo’s Café & Bakery, In Balance Yoga, Kent Square Starbucks, Mellow Mushroom and The Lyric Theatre for all the awesome prizes. Also, a huge thank you to you, Hokies! You went out of your way – in the snow, rain, or shine – to find the eggs that I placed. You all are excellent Hokie Bird Hunters— You followed the hints beautifully. Without you, there wouldn’t have been an event to enjoy. Most of all, thank you to Blacksburg for being such an amazing town. Thank you for having the most amazing people. Thank you for allowing us to swarm your streets and share your mountains.


It’s true. There’s no place like home. And my home is certainly here.





Gobble de Art Scavenger Hunt Thank You

04 April, 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

Our First Ever Gobble de Art Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt was a great success! Thank you to all our scavenger hunt participants and supporters. The clues were tough, but we have some very intuitive Hokie Bird hunters out there! We had a lot of fun with this event, but we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support from generous Blacksburg businesses. Thank you for donating towards our scavenger hunt. Here’s one last look at what these wonderful businesses do in the community!

Benny Marzano’s

This pizza-place is known as “The Virginia Slice,” and with good reason. The pizza is about as big as the state of Virginia. Well maybe not that big, but at 28’ inches a pie, this pizza is no joke. Benedito “Benny” started his pizza business after leaving Brooklyn New York, where he gained experience working under two decades of Italian Chefs. He landed in a small Virginia town and started making pizzas for his neighbors in a brick oven in his house. Since then, his pizza business has grown, along with our appetites.

Blacksburg Fork and Cork

This year, the Blacksburg Partnership, a non-profit economic development organization is hosting its 10th annual Blacksburg Fork and Cork Festival! Festival attendees can enjoy live performances, delicious food, locally made art, and of course, wine from all over the state! If you’re looking for a day full of fun, you will definitely need to mark your calendars for April 21.

Bollo’s Café and Bakery

This little gem is home to gourmet coffee, espresso drinks and freshly baked pastries. Bollo’s Café and Bakery is located right next to campus and provides the perfect spot to study or contemplate life over a nice cup o’ Joe. The coffee shop yields a laid-back vibe and local roots. Whatever your reason for finding this local coffee shop, you are sure to be pleased!

In Balance Yoga Studio

Our local Yoga Studio In Balance Yoga, is owned by Blacksburg natives Nicole and Justin Boyle. Their mission is to support and lead a yoga community that practices and provides yoga to all populations. They are passionate about giving back both to their community and the earth. They offer a variety of classes, trainings and workshops. From hot yoga to aerial classes, there’s something for everyone. In Balance Yoga practices a variety of charitable activities such as making donations to non-profits, as well as hosting classes to support causes that are close to the hearts of Virginia Tech students.

Kent Square Starbucks

With their charmingly green aesthetic and friendly Baristas, this place is a great location for studying, or Instagram worthy pics.  With every caffeinated drink under the sun, you’re sure to find your go-to at the Kent Square Starbucks. After a day of frolicking downtown or as quick pick me up, make sure to stop by this welcoming spot!

Mellow Mushroom

If you’re looking to fill a hunger void, but also want an artistic and funky experience, the Blacksburg Mellow Mushroom will not disappoint! The company is relatively new to Blacksburg, but has made a huge impact. The business loves serving up their signature stone baked pizzas to hungry students, townies and visitors. Pop in today to enjoy their delicious food and a great atmosphere!

The Lyric Theatre

This delightful piece of history has been a Blacksburg feature since the 1930’s. When you walk into The Lyric Theatre you will be greeted by the warm smell of  buttery popcorn, the friendly face of a ticket salesman and the charming interior of a 1930’s circa lobby.  The theatre is known for its regal auditorium, original tapestries, golden replica lanterns and of course, the stunning architectural masks that overlook the building. You can enjoy a classic or feature film, in addition to a wonderful performance when you come to the Lyric.

First Ever Gobble de Art Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

23 February, 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

Hi everyone! We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting our first ever Gobble de Art Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt throughout the month of March. Starting at the beginning of March we will begin placing an egg under a specific Hokie Bird statue around Blacksburg. If you find the egg, you will receive a prize that can be redeemed at the Blacksburg Partnership office. The prizes are generously provided by local businesses in the Blacksburg area.

To participate in the scavenger egg hunt, first follow and like our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Reminders will be posted on our Facebook page, but the clues will be updated in real time on our Instagram page once the egg is placed. The clues will lead you to the specific bird that has the egg. If you need help locating the birds, use our online map.

We have a few rules for participation. We have several prizes provided, so we will be doing the scavenger hunt throughout the month with different birds around town. The first person to find the egg will be the winner of the prize. Additionally, when you find the egg, take a picture of yourself in front of the Hokie Bird and tag Gobble de Art in your picture on Instagram. Follow the directions found on the note inside the egg to pick-up the prize at the Blacksburg Partnership which is located on 506 South Main Street. Call our office ahead of time at 540-443-2008 before redeeming your prize. We will get a picture of you at our office with the prize. You will not be able to redeem your prize without doing these steps. Furthermore, we are only allowing one prize per person over the course of our Easter egg scavenger hunt. Once you find an egg, you will redeem a prize, but cannot redeem another prize later in the scavenger hunt. The search will be limited to our Blacksburg flock.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our first ever egg hunt! Stay tuned for more details closer to the start of the scavenger hunt. Follow our Facebook and Instagram page to keep up to date!


If you have any questions, please contact our office at 540-443-2008 or email info@gobbledeart.org