Friday Favorites: Easter Egg Hunt

Hi Hokies, I’m back. Wow, it’s been one long month of March! I’ve been so busy with our Easter Egg hunt that I haven’t been able to write much, but that’s okay! I’m here now. Let me just say that the Easter Egg Hunt was such an amazing experience! I loved meeting all of the Hokies who participated. I greeted so many new faces; it made me happy! Since the hunt is over, your favorite Friday bird is back. That’s right, Friday Favorites with Dottie returns! Today we’re discussing my favorite part of the Easter Egg Hunt!

To begin with, I adored meeting new people every week and smiling faces! Something else I absolutely loved was hiding the eggs. That right, I did it – I hid them all. Dottie was behind everything. I loved coming up with creative little hints to send you to my distant flock members. It was so much fun. I also loved hiding the sparkly eggs. Everyone loves sparkles. Something else I enjoyed about the hunt was catching up with my distant flock members. It’s been so long since I had seen some of them. It was nice of them to hold the eggs for me, and it was really nice spending time chatting and catching up.

However, my favorite thing about the entire egg hunt was the community involvement. We all know I adore Blacksburg but seeing the businesses and Hokies join together to create a successful activity really made my heart swell with Blacksburg love and Hokie pride. It was a beautiful sight. The business that participated were amazing. They gave away such brilliant prizes – I was jealous!

A large and lovely thank you to Benny Marzano’s, Blacksburg Fork & Cork, Bollo’s Café & Bakery, In Balance Yoga, Kent Square Starbucks, Mellow Mushroom and The Lyric Theatre for all the awesome prizes. Also, a huge thank you to you, Hokies! You went out of your way – in the snow, rain, or shine – to find the eggs that I placed. You all are excellent Hokie Bird Hunters— You followed the hints beautifully. Without you, there wouldn’t have been an event to enjoy. Most of all, thank you to Blacksburg for being such an amazing town. Thank you for having the most amazing people. Thank you for allowing us to swarm your streets and share your mountains.


It’s true. There’s no place like home. And my home is certainly here.





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