Gobble de Art is a public art project of the Blacksburg Partnership, a public-private economic development organization in Blacksburg, Virginia. Blacksburg is a progressive university town nestled between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, and the home of Virginia Tech. Gobble de Art was launched in 2006 in an effort to promote visual arts in the community while also celebrating the spirit of the Virginia Tech mascot, the Hokie Bird. At that time, over 75 birds were commissioned, many of which are still on display around town. Over the years, Gobble de Art has grown into a fundraising enterprise for quality of life in Blacksburg. Still today you can commission your own 5-foot tall Hokie Bird to be painted, purchase a unique limited edition 2-foot tall bird for your home or office, or choose from many Gobble de Art gift items in our store. Own a piece of the art, today.