Spring Forwad

Hello Hokies! Dottie here.

Spring is right around the corner! We have been so lucky to get a sneak peek of the beautiful Blacksburg weather recently. I have spent a lot of time walking the Huckleberry Trail and sitting by the Duck Pond, basking in the glorious sun. 

March 14th will begin the Daylight Savings Time change. Get ready to move your clocks forward one hour! While yes, we are going to miss out on 60 minutes of sleep, the good news is that we will get to enjoy longer days!

With longer days ahead, what are you going to do with your extra time? Get a jump start on spring cleaning? Grab fresh fruit and vegetables from the Blacksburg Farmers Market? Grab a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie or a salad from Roots Natural Kitchen? Hike the Huckleberry Trail? The options are endless! Blacksburg is full of entertaining opportunities, so you really can't go wrong. #Blacksburghasit

Have fun brainstorming!

Xoxo, Dottie

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