Spreading Kindness

Happy April Fools, Hokies. Dottie here.

As you may know, April Fools is a day full of pulling pranks and telling jokes to get a laugh out of people. This year however, people may be more sensitive than normal due to the pandemic. Instead of focusing on pranks, take this day to show random acts of kindness! This can really go a long way. Here are some ideas: 

- Compliment someone

Whether this be someone you know or a stranger, say something nice!

- Make little gifts to give out

You could focus on an Easter themed basket full of chocolate and Easter eggs! Give them to family members in the mail or give them to your neighbors. 

- Say “thank you”

While you are out running errands, be sure to say thank you to the workers!

- Send someone a photo that you like of them 

Go through your camera roll and find a picture you enjoy of a loved one. It will be sure to send a smile to their face

- Call a loved one

Calling can be more personal than texting. Try to FaceTime to see their face!

- Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru lane

You may even start a pay-it-forward chain!

- Pick up trash

 While walking, bring a trash bag and gloves with you and pick up any litter that you see. 

- Help out around the house

 Ask what needs to be done and do your part to help out!

 - Thank a professor

Take the time to let your professor know that you appreciate their efforts this semester! 

And lastly, always remember to be kind to yourself as well!

Xoxo, Dottie

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