Blacksburg Picnic Essentials with Dottie

Hi there, Hokies! 

I've been spending more time outdoors lately, and one of my favorite summer activities is going on a picnic! There are plenty of perfect spots to picnic here in Blacksburg, and I wanted to share some of my favorite places with you, along with all of the essential items that will help you to have a great time.

With some restaurants still having their indoor dining closed, you could grab carryout from a local restaurant in Blacksburg and take it along for your picnic. I hope you enjoy these local spot ideas and that you find my list of essential picnic items helpful!

Local Spots to Picnic in Blacksburg 

1. Hahn Horticulture Garden

2. Nellies Cave Park 

3. Wong Park


4. Duck Pond 

5. Cedar Hill Park 


Essentials for your perfect picnic:

1. Bug spray 

2. Blankets 

3. Trash bag 

4. Cooler 

5. Sunscreen 



Comment your favorite place below to have a picnic in Blacksburg! 

xoxo, Dottie 



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