It is (un) officially summer!

Howdy Hokies, good old Dottie here!!

I hope everyone is enjoying some of the warm summer weather and getting some fresh outdoor air. With it being the start of summer, I want everyone to take a moment and think about what some of their goals and aspirations are for summer 2021!

Whatever they are - cooking goals, fitness goals, education goals, outdoor goals, etc. - write those down, remember them for the rest of the summer, and do try to have them accomplished when summer comes to a close.

Some of my goals this summer are:

1)To be more adventurous and go do things I haven’t done, like checking out deerfield trail.


2)Explore more places around the country and the world.  It's okay to venture out of Blacksburg every now and then.


3)Make sure to do at least an hour or more of exercise each day

4)Try different recipes and cook a new dish every 3 days. I can get local ingredients fresh from the farmers market.

5)Read more for fun and maybe even learn a new language

6)Finally, my main goal and most important one for this summer is something everyone should have on their list: relax and HAVE FUN!!!

I leave you with one final question, what will be your big summer 2021 goal?! 

Xoxo, Dottie

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