How to Spend Your Spring Break Day Off

Hi friends! Dottie here.

I hope you have been enjoying all of this snow! Next Thursday is one of the Virginia Tech Spring Break days. It can be hard to decide what to do on a day off, so I am here to help. Take this day as a mental health day, you deserve time to rest and enjoy yourself! Here is what I am going to do on my day off:

- Make a delicious breakfast

I know when I’m super busy I sometimes skip breakfast or just throw together whatever I can in a pinch. Take the extra time in the morning to make a tasty breakfast that you will enjoy!

- Get your body moving

Opt for your favorite exercise! Whether this be yoga, dance workout videos, HIIT workouts, or going for a run, do something active! You will feel great after.

- Catch up with loved ones

Now that you have a little free time, catch up with those you have not had the time to talk with recently!

- Put on your favorite movie or show and relax

Make some popcorn and have a bowl of ice cream while watching your favorite thing on TV.

We are often so busy we do not spend the time on ourselves, but please take this day to treat yourself! 

‘Til next time

Xoxo, Dottie

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