Hokie Freshmen Essentials

Hey Hokies,

With summer coming to a close, it time to embark on fall! Changing leaves, jumbo scarfs, cool weather and of course FOOTBALL! As we gear up for the start of fall, we also welcome something even more exciting; NEW HOKIES! I can remember my freshmen year like it was yesterday…With all the excitement of meeting new friends, being in a new place, and pursuing new dreams, it’s safe to say that your freshman Hokie might forget a few college essentials. So I’ve decided to compile a little checklist for you and your Hokie on #hokieessentials to make sure your Hokie has the best freshmen year possible!

  1. Box Fan- Dorm life is one of the best experiences! Even though most of the dorms don’t have AC.... Box fans are the perfect way for your Hokie to stay cool; they also fit perfectly in windows!


  1. Small Brita Water Filter- This Eco-friendly hack will save money on bottles of water and your Hokie will appreciate the crisp taste over water fountain water. (Plus it stores easily in a mini fridge)


  1. Clorox Wipes- Let’s face it, college can get messy sometimes. Keep these on hand for simple cleanups!


  1. Ziploc Bags- This simple item will come in handy more than you’d think; from organizing desk items, storing toiletry items and packing snacks for when you are on the go.


  1. Command Hooks- And lots of them. Everything from hanging calendars/wall decorations to hanging up lanyards with keys; these little guys will come in handy!


  1. Extra Phone Charger- With all the new friends you meet and places you’ll go, I recommend keeping extra chargers on deck in case they get accidentally taken or broken. It’s also not a bad idea to keep one in your book bag when you’re on campus.


  1. First Aid Kit- I remember my freshmen year and getting so many paper cuts! Make sure your Hokie has access to the basics to cure anything from head colds to minor cuts.


  1. Flip Flops- Community showers… just take my word for it and bring a pair a flip flops to wear in the shower.


And my biggest must have of all….


  1. A PLANNER- College can be a bit over whelming at times. Keeping track of assignments and exams and having everything written down will make your life 10X easier!

Well Hokies that’s all for now! Good luck class of 2021! You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing journeys of your life. Yes, college isn’t always easy, there will be highs and lows, trust me; but you’ll get through them! You’ll meet so many new people and do so many exciting things!

Are you new to town or haven’t been back for a while? Pick up a copy of our Blacksburg A to Z book to help you and your freshman Hokie get to know Blacksburg!


That's all for now....

XOXO Dottie

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