Graduation Gift Ideas for Hokies

Hi there, Hokies! Can you believe how close graduation is? That’s unbelievable to me; my year has flown by. With graduation upon us, most families and friends will be searching for the perfect gift to purchase for their Hokie. Luckily, Dottie’s here to save you – I have the perfect graduation gifts for your Hokie.

1.) An A-Z Book

Is your Hokie a reader? Does your Hokie adore the town of Blacksburg?  The A-Z book is a perfect way to keep Blacksburg and Virginia Tech in memory. On each page is a colorful rendition of popular Blacksburg locations, events, and people. From The Lyric Theatre, to Frank Beamer, to the Duck Pond, this adorable book contains everything to remember about Blacksburg. You can fill each page with memories at each location, write notes in the front and back cover, and even place smaller gifts (such as gift cards or stickers) between the pages of this book. Trust me, it’s a worthy purchase and the illustrations are precious!

2.) A Member of the Flock

Luckily, I have crafted the perfect graduation sale for you if you’re interested in purchasing a member from my flock. If you’d like to purchase me, Uncle Stoney, X, GG, or Cade, you can get $50 off on your purchase at checkout with the promo code “GRAD50” If you’re interested in having your Hokie match your personality, you can take the “Which Hokie Bird Are You?” quiz to see which member of my flock will fit you or your Hokie the best. Here’s the link if you need quick access:

If you read the spotlights, you know all the members of the flock are lovely birds. Your Hokie certainly wouldn’t be disappointed taking one of us home. Trust me, we’re pretty entertaining!

3.) A Hokie Grad Basket

If you like to be creative and make your gifts super cute, I have the perfect idea for a Hokie graduation basket. You’ll need a VT bin of some sort: it can be maroon, orange, a VT bucket, anything Virginia Tech related. In this bucket, you can put loads of Hokie merchandise! Here’s a few ideas:

 Hokie T-Shirts – We have t-shirts on our website for $5.00

A Postcard Booklet – We have postcard booklets on our website for $7.00. They’re filled with lots of big members of my flock! The booklet is perfect for a Hokie enthusiast who loves to travel!

A Hokie Poster – We have a Hokie Poster for $4.00 on our website. Your Hokie graduate can hang it on his or her wall in a frame. Their friends can sign all over it and it will make a perfect memorable gift!

Hokie Stickers – Hokie feet, the VT logo, stickers of the pylons, you can’t go wrong with stickers!

Hokie Key Chain


These are just a few options! Get creative with it. You can make the coolest Hokie gift ever! Fill it with cute Hokie memorabilia and little notes about how proud you are of your Hokie. They’ll never forget such a thoughtful gift! 


Congratulations 2019 graduates.





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