Gobble de Art is Looking for Artists

We need help creating new Gobblers! The Gobble de Art project is growing, and we need more artists to help us create these whimsical statues. Currently we are looking for New River Valley based artists that are interested in participating in the Gobble de Art project. If you would like to add “Hokie Bird Painter” to your resume, this job is for you!

The Gobble de Art project is sponsored by The Blacksburg Partnership, a non-profit, independent economic development organization formed by the town, business and University communities. The purpose of the project is to increase awareness and interest in Blacksburg and bring attention to the visual arts. The funds raised from the project will go towards enhancements to Blacksburg that improve the quality of life and add to the current attractiveness as a tourism and retirement destination of Blacksburg and the surrounding communities.

Project Overview

Artists from the New River Valley are invited to participate in our Gobble de Art program. The program entails working on a commissioned Hokie Bird project, collaborating with the client to come up with a design, submitting the design to The Blacksburg Partnership for approval and then bringing the design to life through painting a fiberglass Hokie Bird. After painting, the Hokie Bird will be brought to a local auto body shop to be clear-coated. Birds will be displayed in private homes, businesses or public areas. The process (purchase to completion) takes roughly four months. The birds are five feet tall and weigh approximately 60 pounds.

Artist’s Fees and Responsibilities

The Blacksburg Partnership will pay an honorarium of $1,000 to artists selected, upon completion of the commissioned project.

Artists are responsible for the cost of all materials related to completing the design and will be given specific instructions regarding the fiberglass material, painting and finishing.  The manufacturer specifies the use of acrylic paint.  Artists will be expected to pick up and transport Hokie Birds to and from the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. 


To apply artists must submit:

  • Contact Information – name, address, email, phone number
  • Three examples of the artist’s portfolio in the format of a PDF or portfolio link
  • A short bio of the artist

Email your examples, bio and contact information to info@gobbledeart.org or contact Diane Akers, President of The Blacksburg Partnership, at 540-443-2008 if you would like more information on becoming a Hokie Bird artist.

We hope you will accept this invitation to participate in painting a Hokie Bird for the Gobble de Art program.

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