Friendsgiving Tips

Greetings Hungry Hokies,

It’s Dottie here and I’m back again with some more Friendsgiving tips! Friendsgiving is a special day to gather and celebrate the blessings of our friends. However, it can get stressful if you don’t plan correctly! So here are some tips that will make this year’s Friendsgiving the best one yet.

1) Divide and conquer!

You shouldn’t be stuck doing all the work, so consider doing it potluck style. Send out a Google doc or Excel sheet so that everyone can sign up to bring different sides, desserts, and whatever else you need! This will save a lot of time and can add some diversity to your typical Thanksgiving meals.

2) Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Nothing is worse than sitting around waiting for food to be ready. Make sure you have snacks sitting out so that no one gets hungry! Easy fix: Add chips and crackers to the Excel or Google doc. Not everyone is great at cooking, so I’m sure one of your friends will want to take the easy route by providing some delicious snacks.

3) Make sure there’s enough food!

Depending on how many friends you’re having over, you need to know how many servings to make. This is crucial for us hungry Hokies!

And lastly…don’t forget to reflect on the meaning of this Friendsgiving. Friends are the family you choose, so rejoice in your time together. I hope these tips will make this holiday season a stress-free and relaxing time to celebrate. Happy Thanksgiving and Stay Hungry Hokies! 

Gobble Gobble,


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