Friday Favorites with Dottie - Iceland Style


Halló Hokies! I’m back and I’m just in time for your weekly Friday favorites. Momma Dot and I have so many stories, or shall I say sagas, to tell you. Today, my blog flock, I want to tell you all about my favorite experiences in Iceland. While the entire trip was memorable, a few specific details stand out in my mind the most.

1.) Icelanders

One of my favorite aspects of Iceland was its people. Frankly (Hokie pun), the people in Iceland reminded me a lot of you, Hokies. Each Icelander was warm spirited, friendly, accepting and eager. Each wore the brightest of smiles and the happiest of moods. I felt like I was right in the heart of Blacksburg!

2.) Black Sand Beaches

As a Blacksburg native, a Blacksbird if you will, I don’t see the ocean or beaches very often. And while I’m extremely fond of my mountains, the black sand beaches in Iceland were absolutely stunning. My favorite beach was called “Diamond Beach.” At Diamond Beach, broken pieces of glacier scatter across the black sand, reflecting the sun’s rays all over the shore. It’s one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen. It’s still incomparable to our Blacksburg sunsets though.

3.) Mountains

This Hokie is extremely familiar with mountains, but I’ve never seen mountains quite like the ones in Iceland. These mountains are barren, as Iceland has almost no trees at all. Showing their rocky, ashen surfaces, the mountains look as if they came straight from a novel. They’re covered in snow, making the black ash underneath pop. It’s quite a sight.

4.) Waterfalls

Hokies, Iceland is filled with waterfalls. There’s at least three waterfalls in every Icelandic location. These waterfalls are caused by erosion and glacial melting. But let me tell you Hokies, they are stunning. The water is the most vibrant of blues and the snow sparkles on the water’s surface. It’s brilliant.

5.) Volcanoes

Iceland is basically one large mass of volcanic activity. It’s strange to thing that such an icy landscape can mix with fire and magma. In fact, that’s how Iceland was created: by build-up of lava and magma. Momma Dot and I hiked a few volcanoes and visited some others. We visited one of the most renowned volcanoes in Iceland. They call her “Hekla.” Volcanic eruptions occur quite frequently in Iceland. Icelanders treat it like a normal event, whereas Americans see it as a catastrophe. It’s rather intriguing.

Overall, I loved every second in Iceland. I certainly missed my Hokie home, though. Momma Dot and I need our flock and our fellow Hokies to be truly happy. Iceland was amazing, but there’s no place like Blacksburg. Go out and travel the world, Hokies. Visit other cultures and speak new languages. But remember, always, always come home.





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