Embrace the Rain

What a beautiful day! You may be thinking, “Dottie, you crazy bird! It’s dreary and gray outside.” But I promise, I’m not a bird brain. It really is a beautiful, calm Monday. “But Dottie, the rain…” The rain isn’t stopping anything, flock. Settle down in your nests for a bit, stretch your feathers, you’re in for a quick life lesson with Dottie.

Rain is inevitable, my friends, and there are many types: heavy rains that never seem to end, slight drizzles that add a little extra inconvenience to the day, rain that cools off the sizzling earth, fierce rain that smacks against the windows and sends shivers down the trees, and quiet rain that pecks against a tin roof, lulling you to sleep. Just as there is a wide and wonderful variety of flowers, there’s a wide and wonderful variety of rain. And while most of us enjoy roses and daisies, we forget it is the rain that creates such colorful petals and greened stalks. And just as there is beauty in a rose petal, there’s beauty in a streak of droplets snaking down the window. Rain isn’t dreary; it’s necessary. For growth, for renewal. Without rain, how could we appreciate the sunshine? Without a storm, how could we appreciate the calm? My friends, there is beauty even in the rain.  

Sometimes, the rain comes at the most unexpected moments. Sometimes, it drowns out plans or adds extra bleakness to an already bleak day. Sometimes, the rain may never seem to end; the skies get dark and the days drag on. But fear not, Hokies. The sun will surely come; the rain will surely end. Just remember, even the rain has a purpose. Don’t add extra tears to a crying sky. Cheer up and dance with the raindrops. Embrace the rain.

“Dottie, is this blog a metaphor for life?”

Well that’s up to you, my feather-loving friends. 

Have a fantastic day, Hokies. Enjoy this rainy Monday. Grab your favorite umbrella, strap on your rain boots, and go hop in a few puddles. Snuggle up under a soft blanket, sip on a cup of cocoa, and read your favorite book. Turn off your television and cut off the music. Listen to the rain; embrace it. The rain isn’t so bad after all.


Stay happy, Hokies.






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