Dottie's Valentines Day Picnic Essentials

Happy Valentines Day <3

Dottie here. Valentines Day is the perfect occasion for a picnic! Whether it is you and a loved one, you and a friend, or you and a fury friend, you deserve to enjoy a picnic! Here are some of my favorite treats to make the perfect picnic:

- Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Decorate them with some pink and red sprinkles and pink colored chocolate!

- Pretzels

Reuse the same chocolate from the strawberries and use it on pretzels for a delicious treat!

- Finger Sandwiches

Add your favorite jam to a sandwich with mascarpone or make a classic PBJ!

- Red Velvet Cookies

You can never go wrong with red velvet!

- Fruit Skewers

Looking to add something a little healthier? Opt for fruit skewers with your favorite fruit shaped into a heart! My favorite fruits are raspberries and strawberries.

- Bubbly

Something fruity to wash everything down!

xoxo, Dottie

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