Dottie's Spring Break Travel Tips

Hi friends, it’s Dottie here!


Now that it’s almost March, many of us are already wishing for the arrival of a warmer season—spring! For my Hokie student readers, spring break is quickly approaching. Whether you’re planning on taking an exciting trip during this break or just relaxing at home, here are some helpful travel tips for you!


  1. Pack smart

Seeing as I like to fly south during these cold months, I’m very much used to packing for trips all over. The best way to pack is to be smart and be aware of what is an absolute necessity to take with you. Everyone gets excited when planning cute outfits to show off in their vacation pictures, but it’s easy to get carried away with how many outfits you think that you’ll need versus how many you really will.


  1. Be organized

It’s common to get overwhelmed when pulling all of your things together for a trip, which is why it is especially important to stay organized. The easiest way for me to stay organized is by making a list. You can make a list for all of the items you need to pack, any tasks you need to accomplish before leaving, or anything you need to bring back to make sure you don’t leave stuff at your vacation spot.


  1. Be on time

When traveling, it’s especially important to be punctual, and it helps a lot to pay attention to time. If you are flying or taking a train, you especially need to be early for your departure. Even if you are driving to your destination, it’s good to plan out a driving schedule to make sure you stay on schedule and avoid high traffic spots. Some vacation spots have certain arrival times, so you must be mindful of when you should be somewhere.


 Feel free to share your own travel tips that you swear by, and I hope all of you Hokies have a fantastic and safe spring break!



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