Dottie's Hokified Valentine's Day Gifts

Greetings, Hokies. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for your family member, friend, or significant other, I have just the solution for you. I’m the queen bird of procrastination, so if you haven’t gotten a gift yet, I know exactly how you feel. Luckily, I prepared ahead of time this year and wrote up the perfect list for people struggling this holiday. Below are some perfect, simple gifts to get your favorite Hokie.


Ho-quet Bouquet

Most people get flowers for Valentine’s Day. And that’s just fine because flowers are beautiful—but you have the chance to step it up a notch with the Ho-quet. This gift is a bouquet of Hokie perfection. Purchase a few fake maroon and orange flowers, place these flowers in a Hokie jar or glass, and fill the glass with your Valentine’s favorite orange and maroon candies, accessories, and activities. Your Valentine will be elated!


Hokie Bird

What’s not to love about the flock! My family and I would love to come home with you to help you celebrate such a wonderful day full of love! What better way to celebrate your significant other by buying them the cutest Hokie Bird statue? Trust me, your significant Hokie will certainly appreciate it.


Hokie Socks

If you’re anything like me and love cute and cheesy puns, this gift is perfect for you. Purchase a pair of Hokie socks and fill them with goodies. Then, make your own Valentine’s Day card with the following saying: “Valentine, you knock my socks off.” You’ll get a good laugh out of your Valentine and the moment will certainly be memorable.


A-Z Book

If your significant other loves to read AND loves Blacksburg, then I have the perfect gift for you. The A-Z Books detail Blacksburg in the cutest of ways and it makes for a perfect heirloom. This book is filled with the most adorable illustrations, but you can amp this gift up even further by writing a memory you have with your Valentine on each page. Every time your Valentine visits this location, they’re bound to think of you!


Simple Valentine’s Day Card

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gift. It’s about the thought! Sometimes, it only takes a card to make your Valentine happy. Visit my blog from last week to see the perfect Virginia Tech Valentines that are sure to make your Valentine extremely happy.


I hope you have a lovely holiday tomorrow, Hokies. Every single one of you deserve an immense amount of love and happiness. Never forget that!


With love,



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