Dottie's Favorite Ways to Enjoy Snow Days in Blacksburg

Happy first major snow of the Winter!

I was so excited to see all of the white outside of my windows. I haven't seen this much snow in so long, I almost forgot what to do with it! Never fret, here are some of my favorite things to enjoy on a snow day.

- Snow angels

Bundle up first! See what beautiful - or not so beautiful - design you can create.

- Snowball fights

Were you apart of the cadet vs student snowball fight on the Drillfield? Start training now because it can get intense!

- Sledding

Students have recently found out that laundry baskets and recycling bins work semi-well as a substitute for sleds!

- Shoveling the driveway

Shovel your own driveway or offer to shovel your neighbors! Great deeds can go a long way.

- Building a snowman

Don't forget the carrot nose! Build a snowman... or a snow Hokie :-)

- Building an igloo

End the snow day right by enjoying a nice hot cup of hot cocoa in your new place!

'Til the next snow day!

xoxo, Dottie


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