Dottie's Favorite Spring Time Activities

Hi friends, it’s Dottie here! I’m in full spring fever now that it’s officially my favorite season! There are so many wonderful new things to enjoy in the spring—flowers, sunshine, and plenty of outdoor activities! One of the best things about Blacksburg is how many things there are to do once the weather gets a little warmer. Here are just a few things that I love to do when springtime in the ‘Burg arrives in full swing, but feel free to share some of yours with me!


  1. Go hiking

Blacksburg and the surrounding areas are full of scenic hiking spots and all levels of trails, ranging from easier to difficult. If you’re looking for a more relaxed hike with a beautiful end result, make sure to check out the Cascades. The hike doesn’t take terribly long and it’s so worth it when you make it to the top and see the beautiful falls. If you are on the lookout for something a bit more challenging, try McAfee’s Knob. You burn more calories and I can promise you that the view at the top makes every bit of sweat worth it! However, these aren’t the only places to hike in the area. With the beautiful surrounding mountains, there are plenty of adventures to go on.


  1. Visit some local wineries

There are so many scenic wineries to visit around the Blacksburg area, and what better time to visit than in the spring? When the weather starts getting warmer, there’s nothing that makes you feel better than letting your feathers down and basking in the sun. And if you’re looking to sample multiple wineries, come to the Blacksburg Fork and Cork on Saturday, April 20th.


  1. The Virginia Tech Spring Game

Normally, everyone associates fall with football season. But at Virginia Tech, you can cheer on your favorite Hokies as they play each other on a nice spring day for all of the fans to enjoy. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 13th and get ready to jump again!


  1. Go on a Hokie Bird Hunt

I do love this time of year because it’s the perfect time to visit my flock family. If you would like to meet my flock and see all of the 5-foot painted Hokie Birds around town, you might enjoy doing this too. You can check out the online map to find all of my Hokie Friends nesting around town. Take a picture of your favorite bird and tag us on our Facebook and Instagram page! I can’t wait to see what fun birds you meet on your #hokiebirdhunt


These are only a handful of my favorite springtime activities, but there are so many more things to enjoy in Blacksburg this time of year! What are some of your favorites?


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