Dottie's College Freshman Survival Guide

Salutations Hokies!

As a new fall semester is upon us, I thought it would be nice for me to extend a little advice to our new incoming class of 2022. Being an experienced Hokie, I have seen quite a bit in my day, and I’m determined for everyone to have their best first year! Here are my top tips for surviving your freshman year of college.


First of all, time management is crucial. Your studies are important, but don’t be afraid to take an evening off to experience the Town of Blacksburg and the various things it has to offer. It’s important to try new things and experience life! To keep up with your new schedule, make sure to use a planner or Google Calendars to schedule your activities and due dates.


Now, it is not the end of the world if you get lost and miss the beginning of class. I have missed several classes because I was too embarrassed to ask where my building was. If you’re lost, ask a fellow Hokie. They’ll be happy to help! If you are late or miss class, send your professor an email to explain what happened. They’re usually very understanding, just don’t make it a habit!


I know that growing up we were taught not to speak to strangers. However, now that your entering into a new chapter of your life, scrap that lesson and speak to as many strangers as possible! The more people you converse with will help make this big campus feel a little homier. Striking up a conversation will help you make those lifelong college friends that everyone talks about. 


Also, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone. No matter how overwhelmed you are feeling in your new life, you still have your support system back home. It’s okay to call your parents to get that little piece of home that your missing, or to figure out how to fold a sheet. It’s completely normal to ask for help when its needed and you will be happy you did.


Lastly, college can be a great time to reinvent and find yourself.  While you are making improvements in your life, make sure you don’t forget your values and where you came from. Whenever you’re in doubt of a path you might be embarking upon, take a step back and evaluate how the decision aligns with who you are and who you want to be. The outcome may surprise you.


I hope that my advice helps New Hokies on your Virginia Tech journey. I’m so excited for you all! If anyone has some good advice they’d like to share, comment below!


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