Dottie Thanks Veterans

Hello, Hokies! Saturday was Veteran’s Day and out of respect I want to say a huge thank you to all the men and women who have served—or are still serving— our country. There are so many things about this country to love. Sometimes, we forget how beautiful and wonderful our country really is. Sometimes, we forget how lucky we truly are. Sometimes, we forget how amazing it is to be an American. Sometimes, we forget that we have it easy, that there are soldiers risking their lives for us. It’s easy to forget. But today I want to remember. Today I want to take a moment to tell you why we should all be thankful, why we should all be grateful.

First, let me start with my Hokies. I may be a tad bit biased, but I think that Virginia Tech is the most wonderful place on earth.What makes the university even better is how it values veterans. Virginia Tech is a military school; it has a long history with the military and still cherishes service today. The university goes out of its way to help and hire veterans and those who serve.  Thank you, Virginia Tech for appreciating those who serve and acknowledging their sacrifice. Thank you for teaching your students what service truly means, by embodying UT Prosim. And a very big thank you to the cadets who help our college thrive, create a loving and serving environment, and plan on serving our country as well.

Now, I want to talk to you about why we should thank all of our countries veterans. Today, most of us woke up in warm beds safely, no fear in our hearts or minds. Today, most of us ate a nice, quiet breakfast, undisturbed by chaos and warfare. Today, we can voice our opinions about politics and government without the being harmed or imprisoned. Today, we can drive safely to work, humming to our favorite tunes. Today, we can hold our children in our arms. Today, we can do anything. Today, we are free.

Soldiers and Veterans, thank you for your service. Because of you, us citizens have freedoms. Because of you, us citizens have hope. Because of you, us citizens are safe. I hope you all had a wonderful Veterans day.



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