Dear Virginia Tech Class of 2022,

Welcome to the best school on earth! Well I may be a tad bit biased, being that I am a Hokie Bird and all…. But I really do believe that this school is all around great. I’m sure as soon as you toured here you knew—from the friendly faces at every corner, to the comfy sport t-shirts seen on every student, to the delicious on-campus food. Yes there is a reason that we get ranked among the top campus food in the nation every year….. can you say Qdoba? Or lobster? Or Chicken Parm?! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Now hold on one second. Before you pack your bags filled with all the new Hokie attire that your family stocked you up on, or snap your last going away Insta pic in your #hometown, here are the things that you should know.

  1. Get a Planner. Trust me on this one. Planners can keep you sane, especially when you are trying to balance school, work, working out, volunteering, a social life and Netflix. To beat stress, and—let’s face it— procrastination, you need an agenda to tell you exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. Get one before you get to school to avoid feeling overwhelmed— you will thank yourself later.


  1. Make-an-Effort. College is a magical place where you go to school with 36,000 potential friends. Trust me, it’s a lot different than the high school cafeteria. However, unlike your high school class, in college no one knows you. You must make-an-effort to have friends. Meeting people in your hall is one easy way to make friends. if you leave your dorm door open while you are home, your dormmates are more likely to drop by and say hi.  Joining an organization or club is another way to make friends. Gobblerfest is a great way to find the best organization for you. This year, Gobblerfest is Friday August 31st.


  1. Adapt Your Wardrobe. Blacksburg is a beautiful small town nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains. That is the mantra that every tour guide and Hokie advocate has ever told you. This is true; however, what they don’t tell you is how crazy the weather is. Welcome to Blacksburg, we like to have all four seasons shoved into a seven-day week! Combat the unpredictable weather by arriving prepared—with layers! If the weather calls for sunny and 75, take my word for it, and bring a sweatshirt. If your phone says cloudy with a 0 percent chance of rain, bring the umbrella anyway.


  1. Get a Workout Routine.  It’s true, Virginia Tech is known for their great food. If you wanted to, you could eat Queso and chips every single day! Unfortunately, being an adult means being responsible, which means you probably—technically— shouldn’t do that. Enjoy the food in moderation, and get a workout routine. Working out helps reduce stress levels induced by group projects, increase endorphins to keep you happy and of course, stave off the freshman 15! Lucky for you, Virginia Tech is also ranked one of the fittest campuses in the nation. There are multiple ways that you can get fit: Take group classes at McComas, play intramural sports, hit the pavement and explore the Huckleberry, or pump some iron at the gym.


  1. Most Importantly… Call Your Parents. Because you will miss them. Everyone does. Even if you are having the time of your life at college, don’t forget about good ol’ Mom and Dad, or Grandma, or whoever you love. They’ve cradled you and loved you your whole life and it nearly broke their heart to see you go. However, they know that you are doing great things and they are proud of you. It doesn’t have to be every day, but at least every so often just let them know that you love them, and that yes, you are safe, and you are still eating your vegetables.

So now that you have the inside scoop, good luck with your future adventures Virginia Tech Class of 2022. As cliché as it sounds, you’re in for a beautiful, perfectly-imperfect ride.  Live it up, do well in school and enjoy some of the most amazing years of your life repping maroon and orange.


Gobble de Art

P.S. Find my friends at our Hokie Bird store, along with Hokie memorabilia and keepsakes! We make great presents…. Pstt Mom and Dad.

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