Countdown to Hokie Move-In!

Hey Hey Hey there Hokies! It’s Dottie!


It’s almost that time of the year where all the students move back and Fall semester begins. Crazy how fast this summer flew by! With the start of the semester approaching you might be feeling stressed. Don’t stress, I am here to help! I am so excited to have you guys back in Blacksburg! Here’s a few tips to stay sane and be prepared for school to start:



Start Packing

Don’t wait until the night before! Start getting all of your belongings together now. This way you won’t forget anything.




Create a Schedule

When are your classes? Make sure to write your schedule down so that you don’t have conflicts arise. Make it cute if you want, there are several online schedule templets to use.




Rest Up

Resting up is very important! Get sleep while you can. It is also very important to get a good night’s sleep before if you are driving to Blacksburg for move in.




Make a to-do list

Making a to-do list is a good idea. This will help you when you’re trying to pack the suitcase and car. It is also useful to double check and make sure that you have everything.



You’ve got this Hokies! See y’all soon!


XOXO, Dottie

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