Countdown to Finals!

Hey Hey Hey, Hokies! It's Dottie.

The semester is almost over! Crazy, right? I can't believe it. As the semester nears an end, you may be feeling overwhelmed with upcoming final exams and assignments. Don't fret, I am here to help! Here is what gets me through finals:

- Get moving

Take breaks to go for a walk at Heritage Park or do yoga at In Balance

- Nourish yourself

Treat yourself right and enjoy nutritious meals and snacks to keep you going! Head to Tea & Jam Cafe for a buddha bowl and a smoothie or grab an iced latte from Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea.

- Rest up

Sleep is so important to keep you on your A game.

- Make a checklist

Prioritize what needs to get done first and cross out assignments as you complete them.

- Study in ways that work best for you

Whether that be making flashcards, re-reading the chapters, or having your classmates quiz you, do what you know works for you!

You've got this, Hokies!

Xoxo, Dottie

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