Bird Spotlight: Mr. Stoney Hokiestone

Hi friends, Dottie here! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time with the members of my flock. As I was spending time with Uncle Stoney, I realized that the whole world deserves to know my flock. I’ll be posting a bird spotlight to get you familiar with my family members. Without further ado, meet my flock member Mr. Stoney Hokiestone.

There’s nothing quite like tradition, right? Stoney is a traditional bird with an uncanny resemblance to Virginia Tech’s campus buildings. Aside from our great-great Grandpa Gobbler, Stoney represents all things Virginia Tech. Stoney has a visibly hard exterior, but his hard shell says nothing about the mushy ball of love he truly is on the inside. The reason we call him “Uncle Stoney” is because of his strength and toughness. Like an uncle, Stoney takes care of the flock, courageously protecting us from all aspects of life. He is the strongest bird of the flock in terms of emotions, mentality and physicality. Some could say he’s tougher than the stone that built us!

Despite Stoney’s hard exterior, people simply fall in love with his character and endless support. Everyone adores Stoney, just as Stoney adores and accepts everyone. He has a dry sense of humor that could make – well – even stone laugh. Stoney has a strangely inviting personality, and his feathers are certainly more unique than most birds. The atmosphere Stoney evokes is one of happiness, peace and strength. He’s not afraid to be himself, not afraid to embrace his traditional spirit, and not afraid to stand up for what he believes. He’s one special Hokie!

Want to meet Mr. Stoney Hokiestone yourself? Visit and keep your eyes open. Stoney loves to wander around campus. He claims it provides him with inspiration and daily strength.

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