Bird Spotlight: Meet GG

Hey, guys! Dottie here. Welcome to our third bird spotlight. This week I want to introduce the sportiest member of the flock: GG. GG is, of course, a short version of this bird’s name. His full name? It’s Gobbler (after our great-grandfather) Golf.

GG is one of the most active members of the flock. He loves to spend time outdoors, especially when golf clubs are involved. He’s no Tiger, but he’s the best golfing bird out there. GG also loves to hike, ride bikes on the New River Trail, camp, kayak and all things outdoor. Since he spends most of his time on the golf course, you’ll always catch GG in the cutest sweater-vests and argyle socks. He’s such a fancy bird. When GG isn’t scoring birdies, he’s spending his time doing his other favorite activity: reading.

Since GG is such an active bird, he likes to take time to himself to relax and rest. His favorite way to relax is by soaking in a nice bath with a good book. GG is also a very healthy eater. He makes sure what he puts in his body is nutritious and delicious. If he’s healthy, he’s happy.

GG is also a free-spirit. Because he’s active all the time, his stress levels are relatively low. He’s the bird we go to for advice or a good time. He laughs constantly, sings constantly, and dances constantly. He’s such a fun bird, let me tell you. He always lives his dreams and looks on the bright side of things. You can find him golfing at Ballyhack Hack Golf Club or the Blacksburg Country Club. If not, you can always visit our website to catch up with GG.  

See you next week, Hokies.





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