Bird Spotlight: Meet Colonel Cade T. Gobbler

Welcome to another bird spotlight, Hokies. It’s Dottie, and I’m here with one of the most inspiring individuals of the flock: Colonel Cade T. Gobbler. This member of the flock is always in uniform, as he is proud of his job and even more proud of his country. Sometimes known as the Fightin’ Gobbler, Cade has a very well-respected reputation and is one of the most renowned members of the flock.

There are many things to love about the Colonel. He’s quiet by nature and doesn’t say much unless he must. He’s very orderly, organized and likes to keep things in tip-top shape. He’s a natural-born protector. He would risk his life for any Hokie bird, blood or not. He’s one of the bravest birds, one of the most dedicated birds and perhaps one of the most loyal birds I know. Despite his occupation, Colonel hates fighting and disagreements. He prefers peace, happiness, and a calm environment. He respects all types of Hokies, but he expects the same in return. He takes Ut Prosim very seriously and models his life after the motto in every possible way. Colonel never lies, never cheats, never steals, and certainly does not tolerate those who do. He claims his country and his campus were founded on honor and he expects people to uphold that honor. Despite his strict morals, Colonel is completely selfless, the most caring, and the best of cuddlers. He’s very patient and his feathers don’t get ruffled very easily.

Colonel favorite past time is sleeping. As a Colonel, he spends many hours serving other people and doesn’t get much rest. But when he does get to rest, he rests a lot. He also loves to run the game ball from time to time, as he was a former Hokie Cadet. Colonel takes care of his flock family passionately, while making time to keep up his physique. You’re most likely to meet him in War Memorial Hall’s gym. If you don’t see him around campus, meet him on today.




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