This Pandemic is for the Bird(houses)

   During the beginning of the pandemic, Karen H. was on the search for fun things to do. Karen found her answer amidst three things: scrap wood, access to pallets, and her carpentry skills. The answer was building unique birdhouses. 

   Karen grew up in Beach Haven, New Jersey. When she was young she painted seashell Christmas ornaments for tourists, and she thinks it may be the reason for her new hobby now. Karen headed to Virginia Tech in the '80s to study finance. She now looks back wishing she would have studied Marketing because it is what she loves. 

   Karen lived in Charlotte for 25 years before moving back to Blacksburg for her young son to complete school at Blacksburg High School. The oldest son, Landon, graduated from Virginia Tech and the younger son, Reid, is a current junior at Virginia Tech. 

   When asked what inspired Karen to make birdhouses, she said it was her love of gardening along with enjoying having birdhouses in her own yard. Karen said, "In fact, when we sold our last house, the people asked us to please leave our birdhouses. One of those birdhouses was my 'Hokie House' that bluebirds loved."

   Karen said that all of her birdhouses are unique as she works with pallet and scrap wood and even has searched for old wood from roofs and doors. Karen concluded by saying all of her birdhouses are made with love.    

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