3 Tips to Prepare for Santa Clause

Hi, all! Dottie here. 

Christmas is tomorrow, which can only mean one thing- Santa is on his way. Here are a few ways you can prepare for Old Saint Nick.

1) Clear obstructions from the fireplace and living room


As many of you know, Santa is quite the physical specimen. Height estimates range from 5'7" to 6'6", but his round figure remains constant across the board. In order for Santa Clause to maneuver efficiently throughout the living room, he needs some space to operate. Removing logs, toys, and pets from the living room can go a long way in delivery speed and safety.

2) Provide treats and water for reindeer


Unfortunately, reindeer are often overlooked in the present-delivery process. Recent studies have shown flying requires up to 6 times more calories than walking. We can help with this by placing water and treats such as carrots, lettuce, and celery around the outside of our homes. 

3) Keep the cookies warm, if possible


Santa has a long night ahead of him, so this tip is crucial. Warm food has been shown to digest more easily, which decreases the chances for Santa getting stomach cramps while delivering presents. This helps ensure a safe, efficient journey.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

-Dottie and the GDA staff

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