About Gobble de Art

During the summer of 2006, the Gobble de Art public art project placed over seventy fabulously decorated Hokie Bird statues all around Blacksburg with the purpose of increasing awareness and interest in the community, while at the same time bringing attention to the visual arts. Since then, thousands of visitors have been drawn to Blacksburg to experience the artistic whimsy. The summer of the Hokie Bird was capped off by the Gobble Gala and Auction. While all the original painted statues have been sold, there are a limited number of unpainted statues available for purchase. Gobble de Art lives on through the two dozen or so birds that remain in public view, and the ongoing sale of complementing merchandise.

Making of the Birds

Each "New Flock" Gobble de Art bird is individually cast in bonded co-polymer resin and then hand-painted with meticulous detail in the true Virginia Tech colors. All sculptures are produced in limited quantities and stand two feet tall.

Currently, we have seven limited edition sculptures in our portfolio, five of which are available for purchase. Letter Sweater Hokie was our first, debuting in the fall of 2009, followed by Gridiron Gobbler in the winter of 2010. Both Letter Sweater and Gridiron Gobbler have now been retired. Cadet Hokie and Fore the Birds, our tribute to the great game of golf, are available for purchase. In July of 2012, we introduced Lunch Pail Defense Hokie to fill the football lovers' void once Gridiron retired. May 2013 brought the arrival of Hokie Pokie Dot, a colorful and artistic design that's truly "what it's all about"! Most recently, the Executive Hokie was introduced to become the perfect office addition. 

The Blacksburg Partnership continues to promote Gobble de Art and the original vision to bring attention to Blacksburg and appreciation for the visual arts.